Half of World’s Crypto Millionaires Bought BTC: Is the Bull Run Starting?

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Half of World’s Crypto Millionaires Bought BTC: Is the Bull Run Starting?
  • A new industry report shows 78 out of 182 crypto centi-millionaires invest in Bitcoin.
  • Six crypto billionaires amassed wealth through Bitcoin trading.
  • The BTC accumulation may signify major investors are preparing for the coming bulls.

Henley & Partners, a global expert in wealth management, has published an inaugural report sharing insights into the financial landscape of crypto investors. According to the report, out of the 182 individuals classified as crypto centi-millionaires, meaning they hold crypto assets valued at $100 million or more, 78 of them hold investments in Bitcoin.

The report highlighted that among the exclusive group of 22 crypto billionaires worldwide, six have accumulated their fortunes primarily by trading Bitcoin.

Moreover, the Crypto Wealth report captured that as of the end of June, 210 million individuals across the globe had invested in Bitcoin. It mentioned that just a fraction of these Bitcoin investors are millionaires. In particular, it stated that there are 40,500 Bitcoin millionaires across the globe.

Interestingly, the Bitboy crypto YouTube channel revealed intriguing statistics about the world’s millionaires. According to the presenter, there are more millionaires worldwide than there will ever be Bitcoin available for their individual ownership.

Specifically, the presenter argued that there is not enough Bitcoin for every millionaire to own one whole Bitcoin and that there is barely enough for each millionaire to own half of one.

It is worth mentioning that the views of the Bitboy analyst stem from the fact that Bitcoin has a fixed supply of 21 million. Given that world millionaires exceed 60 million, every millionaire may never own one full Bitcoin.

Notably, crypto market participants earnestly await the coming of the next phase of the Bitcoin market bull cycle. Experts have projected the greenish season will follow Bitcoin’s mining reward splitting by half in April 2024. The fact that more than half of crypto millions now hold Bitcoin could signify that major investors are preparing for the coming season.