Helium Responds To Binance.US Delisting HNT Trading Pairs

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Helium Responds To Binance.US Delisting HNT Trading Pairs
  • The Helium Foundation released a response to Binance.US announcing its plans to delist the HNT trading pairs.
  • The Helium team is still committed to its migration to Solana.
  • HNT is currently trading hands at $2.37 after a 3.79% increase in price.

The Helium Foundation released a response after Binance.US announced its plans to delist the HNT/USD and HNT/USDT trading pairs on March 21. The Foundation stated that although they are very disappointed in this decision by Binance.US, they will continue to stay in contact with the exchange in an effort to “educate them about the network’s core initiatives and development roadmap.”

The Helium team also urged customers to consider taking custody of their HNT by using the open-source Helium Wallet app or by migrating to one of the more than 20 venues that currently still support HNT trading pairs.

Binance.US’s decision to delist the HNT trading pairs seems to be based on Helium’s migration to Solana. Despite this, Helium is still committed to the migration, and stated that it will radically scale network utility and help direct more resources to achieve their goal of an affordable communication layer for all people and devices.

In this response, the team also revealed that directly after the migration, the Helium app will support native subDAO token redemption as well as other integrations within Solana’s DeFi platform. This will unlock even more decentralized trading venues for HNT.

HNT/Tether US 1D (Source: TradingView)

CoinMarketCap data indicated that HNT is currently trading hands at $2.37 after a 3.79% increase in price over the last 24 hours. The crypto also reached a high of $2.42 over the same time period.

HNT’s 24-hour trading volume is in the green zone and stands at $3,210,781 after a more than 26% increase since yesterday. In terms of market cap, HNT stands at  $329,906,721, which makes it the 111th biggest crypto.

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