Here’s How the “Buy Bitcoin” Notepad Sold for $1,023,915

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Here’s How the “Buy Bitcoin” Notepad Sold for $1,023,915
  • A ‘Buy Bitcoin’ notepad, famously displayed behind Janet Yellen, has sold for over $1 million.
  • It was sold to the highest bidder with 16 BTC following the week-long auction.
  • Christian Langalis held up the “Buy Bitcoin” sign during a televised congressional testimony in 2017.

The individual who photobombed former Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen with a “Buy Bitcoin” pad has auctioned off the very notepad for over $1 million.

Notably, the yellow pad containing the “Buy Bitcoin” inscription was flashed by the then-22-year-old Christian Langalis during Yellen’s televised congressional testimony in 2017. Little did Langalis know that his impromptu act would later become a symbol of enduring allure in the crypto sphere. The now iconic sign was auctioned on the Scarce City platform last week.

The Pubkey Bar in NYC hosted the concluding event on Wednesday, April 24. Throughout the duration of the auction, the iconic “Buy Bitcoin” sign was prominently displayed for public viewing at Pubkey.

Remarkably, Langalis himself was at the final auction event. Following the week-long auction, the iconic sign was sold to the highest bidder, the pseudonymous “Squirrekkywrath.” He outbid others with 16 BTC worth $1,023,915.52.

The closest to Squirrekkywrath’s bid was 15.5 BTC by NoCBs. The auction website noted that the yellow legal pad “marked Bitcoin’s intrusion into the global monetary landscape.” It added that the “Buy Bitcoin” display “is one of few widely recognized physical Bitcoin artifacts, given Bitcoin’s virtual nature.”

Notably, Christian Langalis, who was an intern at Cato Institute, made headlines in July 2017 when he boldly held up the “Buy Bitcoin” sign behind Janet Yellen. Yellen was reportedly delivering remarks on the Fed’s semi-annual monetary policy report to Congress.

Source: Bloomberg

Although Langalis was later escorted out of the hearing room for his actions, the impact was immediate. As reported by CNBC, the price of Bitcoin surged by 3.7% during the broadcast.
Since then, Bitcoin has maintained remarkable upswings in value. From around $2,700 in July 2017, Bitcoin has soared by 2,631% to peak at  $73,750 in March 2024.

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