HotBit 2.0: Unlock the future DEX Testing Phase begins!

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HotBit 2.0: Unlock the future DEX Testing Phase begins!

Hotbit ceased its CEX operations on May 22nd, marking a six-month hiatus. Recently, the official website has entirely shifted towards a DEX model. According to the official announcement on June 30th, Hotbit has an excellent DEX product inspired by GMX in its investment projects. Hotbit has negotiated with the project team, and the team is willing to use HTB as the platform token, providing HTB with longer-term value. The Hotbit team will also transfer the domain and remaining assets to the new team. This signals the imminent launch of the Hotbit 2.0 DEX project!

Hotbit.DEX is a decentralized exchange based on LPBASE Protocol, supporting spot and leverage trading with 0 price impact, dynamic pricing by oracles, and low fees.

Hotbit’s revenue comes from the fees generated in various processes, including:

1、LP minting/burning fee

2、Swap fee

3、Position fee

4、Borrow fee

The protocol revenue will be distributed as follows:

1、Liquidity Providers: 80%

2、Referral Program: 18%

3、LPBASE Protocol: 2%

In addition, Hotbit.dex also plans to empower ve.HTB in the future, giving it long-term value.





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