How does the Posschain protocol solve the problem faced by the current blockchain ecosystem?

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With the advancement in information technology, we have seen rapid adoption of blockchain technology in different aspects. From cryptocurrencies to private ledgers, blockchain is proliferating. Multiple blockchains are available nowadays, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Polygon, Stacks, and Hyper ledger Fabric. Although the blockchain system has evolved with time in terms of system automation and scalability, there are many other issues that time system automation and scalability many other issues need to be addressed. One of the significant issues faced by blockchain ecosystems is Blockchain interoperability. It refers to allowing blockchain communication with each other.

The need for intercommunication of blockchain is critical as it relates with vital as it relates to the scalability of blockchain for better communication between the blockchains. The ability of blockchain applications and protocols to interact is a key to creating an entirely new web3 platform that isn’t possible with legacy industries and business models of the web2 era. Many expert researchers predict that smart contract interoperability can supercharge things like health care, law, and real estate by transferring important information sent back and forth between private and public networks systematically. It will also support the crypto user experience by allowing multi-token wallet systems. Posschain network is an open-source, developer-oriented community that offers a complete decentralization ecosystem. It empowers talented developers and engineers in the community who are passionately working on network development. Our network has a Governance model based on a voting system that enables complete decentralization compared to other protocols available in the market. It has its native token, such as $POSS, as a medium of transaction in the Posschain network.

Emerging Blockchain networks like Cosmos, Polkadot, Harmony, and Posschain have developed their interoperability protocols. The legacy networks like Ethereum are also using third-party protocols for interoperability.  These protocols ease inter-blockchain communication and their chain messaging. Several other networks are looking for their interoperability solution, so in this scenario, Posschain offers the most favourable features, as discussed. Posschain is a next-generation protocol that enables all legacy, current, and future blockchains to scale and communicate with each other to scale and communicates with each other seamlessly. It uses its advanced AI-based proof of stake mechanism, sharding, pipelining, chunking, and parallel transaction processing mechanisms to facilitate the cross-chain ecosystem and make scalability more efficient. Posschain uses Advance Practical Byzantine Fault Tolerance instead of PBFT or Practical Byzantine Fault Tolerance. APBF functionality reduces the communication standard complexity in consensus mechanisms. These mechanisms make the network highly efficient, effective, and infinitely scalable and fix several other problems in the blockchain ecosystem, such as usability, security, and interoperability.

Posschain is the following generation protocol that enables all legacy, current, and future blockchains to scale and communicate with each other seamlessly. It uses its advanced The. Due to the AI-based proof of stake mechanism, the Posschain network is highly efficient and scalable. Confirmation latency, i.e., the delay in confirmation between transactions, is one of the significant issues in blockchain ecosystem communication.

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