Input Output Enters Into $4.5M Partnership With Standford University

Last Updated:
  • Input Output Global is funding a $4.5 million blockchain research hub in partnership with Standford University.
  • The firm conveyed that the research that will be carried out at Stanford will represent the next step for the company.
  • The hub will be guided by a steering committee that will review all the proposals starting from September 2022.

Technology company Input Output Global (IOG), pre-eminent in engineering and research in fintech blockchain, announced on Twitter that they are collaborating with Stanford University to fund a new $4.5 million Blockchain Research Hub.

The research team at IOG has previously published 130+ peer-reviewed, academic research-driven research papers, that have also shaped many of  Input Output Global’s products and services, including the design for its public blockchain platform, Cardano.

IOG believes that peer-reviewed research facilitates constant growth, development, and prompt enhancement and large-scale adoption of blockchain technology in a secure manner.

This ideology has led to the IOG and Stanford Partnership which will represent the company’s vision for the future. Reportedly, the research hub will be headed by the many brilliant minds at the University to carry out three major tasks.

These tasks are the following: firstly, answer fundamental questions relating to blockchain technology. Secondly, bring together more scientific knowledge-backed blockchain industry development. And lastly, encourage the importance of research in this emerging space.

IOG CEO, Charles Hoskinson shared,

With the Research Hub, blockchain development can grow even faster, based on the new learnings that will emerge, and the hub will add a new layer of validity to our sector that we haven’t always been afforded.

In addition, to oversee the Research Hub, a steering committee composed of many noble Stanford professors has been set up to decide on research programs, call for proposals and then review the same, and fund the successful proposals. The first call for proposals is due in September 2022.

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