Input Output Updates Cardano Community on Latest Status Concerning Vasil

Last Updated:
  • IOG shares that five crypto exchanges are ready for the Vasil hard fork update.
  • The exchanges are, WhiteBit, BTCTurk, OKX, and Revuto.
  • Vasil hard fork is coming on September 22nd.

Input Output Global Inc. has verified that five different exchanges have shown that they are ready for the Vasil upgrade. This news comes only a few days after the company announced the official date—September 22nd—for the much-anticipated Vasil Hard Fork update for Cardano. These are crypto exchanges, BTCTurk, OKX, WhiteBit, and Revuto.

Along with the other Cardano dApps, the Lending Pond, and DQuadrant, Revuto, a Cardano dApp, has signaled its readiness by selecting the “tested status” option in the DevNet, preview, and pre-production settings.

There is a chance that more exchanges may increase their support for the project in the next few weeks. In addition, IOG disclosed that the Vasil Friendly Nodes were responsible for the production of about 94% of the blocks.

During a live video on Twitter titled “Vasil is Coming September 22nd, 2022,” IOG creator Charles Hoskinson also mentioned the upcoming Vasil hard fork date. The name “Vasil” was given to the hard fork in memory of a mathematician and Cardano community member from Bulgaria named Vasil Dabov, who died not too long ago.

Input Output Global said:

Vasil is the most significant Cardano upgrade to date, bringing increased network capacity and lower-cost transactions. The upgrade will also bring enhancements to Plutus to enable devs to create more powerful and efficient blockchain-based applications.

Because of the improvements that the Vasil update will bring to Plutus, developers will have the ability to design blockchain-based apps that are both more powerful and more efficient. Users do not need to take any action on their end since the exchanges have been busy preparing for the update to the Vasil protocol.

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