Says Resilient Against Network Attack: CEO Details Response

Last Updated: Says Resilient Against Network Attack: CEO Details Response
  • addresses network attack, restoring full operational status after countering counterfeit GPU influx.
  • CEO Shadid reassures stakeholders about continued progress on development initiatives.
  • Executives respond to criticisms and hint that there could be personal motives behind this.

Decentralized compute provider recently faced a challenge as its network came under attack by users seeking to manipulate GPU availability for future rewards. In response to criticisms and inquiries regarding the authenticity of its protocol, CEO Ahmad Shadid tweeted a post-mortem detailing the incident and the subsequent measures taken to rectify the situation.

Shadid acknowledged the attack, characterizing it as a Sybil attack involving a large number of GPUs attempting to access the network. Despite the complexities faced by the network during this period the CEO reassured stakeholders that’s network infrastructure has been fully restored to operational status. However, he noted the possibility of a temporary shortage in GPU supply as partner nodes are reintegrated into the network.

The CEO added that the attack did not disrupt’s ongoing development initiatives. The company remains steadfast in its commitment to launching a second rewards program and progressing with the release of IO Cloud v2 and $IO Coin.

Crypto community member Martin Shkeli raised queries regarding the legitimacy of’s protocol.  While acknowledging the shortcomings they did earlier the company executives highlighted the continued functionality and expansion of the network despite the challenges encountered.

Moreover, executives hinted at potential personal motives or competitive factors influencing some of the criticism directed towards particularly from Shkreli. However, they reaffirmed the company’s dedication to its mission and objectives in the decentralized computer space.

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