Justin Sun Pledges 10K TUSD Toward On-chain Sleuth’s Legal Battle

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  • Justin Sun, pledges 10,000 TUSD to an acclaimed on-chain sleuth on Twitter.
  • Sun’s pledge is targeted at supporting Zach in a defamation lawsuit against him.
  • MachiBigBrother sued ZachXBT for defamation over an article he published on Medium in June 2022.

TRON founder, Justin Sun, has pledged 10,000 TUSD to an acclaimed on-chain sleuth with Twitter identity ZachXBT. Sun’s pledge is targeted at supporting Zach in a defamation lawsuit against him for an article he published in June 2022. According to Sun, his support for Zach stems from the beneficiary’s substantial contributions to blockchain security and his crucial role in guiding users to safeguard their funds.

Zach tweeted that a user on Crypto Twitter identified as MachiBigBrother sued him for defamation. The tweet contained a screenshot showing the lawsuit filed in the United States District Court of the Western District of Texas, Austin Division.

The plaintiff in the case identifies as Jeffrey Huang, Machi’s real name, with Zachary, Zach, as the defendant in case number 1:23-cv-00683. In Zach’s tweet, he described the lawsuit as baseless and an attempt to clamp down on free speech. He also made clear his intention to fight back and defend free speech.

According to Zach, Machi, as he is popularly called, is very wealthy and intends to use his money as a weapon in the case. Hence, he requested help from the crypto community to support his fight for free speech. Zach projected the estimated cost for the entire process to exceed $1 million and promised that all leftover funds would be returned on a pro rata basis to contributors.

Huang filed a lawsuit over an article titled “22,000 ETH Embezzled and Over Ten Projects Failed: The Story of Machi Big Brother (Jeff Huang).” The article was written by Zach and published on Medium in June 2022.

In the article, Zach alleged that Huang embezzled 22,000 ETH from Formosa Financial in 2018. He also accused him of launching over ten other failed “pump and dump” tokens and NFT projects.

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