LUNC Community Burns 1,117,048,514 Tokens; Will LUNC Hit $0.01 Next?

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LUNC Community Burns 1,117,048,514 Tokens; Will LUNC Hit $0.01 Next?
  • The Terra Classic burns over a billion LUNC tokens within seven days.
  • Also, over 5.66 billion LUNC were burned in one day, specifically on January 1. 
  • LUNC Army is increasingly convinced that the path to $0.01 is apparent.

The Terra Classic (LUNC) community remains steadfast in its commitment to the $1 target, demonstrating substantial progress by incinerating over a billion LUNC tokens within a seven-day window.

In a recent statement, pro-LUNC X user “CryptoBull” proclaimed the digital asset unstoppable amid increased burns and staking of LUNC. Specifically, CryptoBull called attention to the fact that 1,117,048,514 LUNC tokens were wiped out of circulation between January 17 and 24. 

Moreover, the screenshot in the tweet indicated that alongside the over 1.11 burned tokens, more than 7.197 billion LUNC coins had been staked within the same period. The statistics suggested that the staked value reflects a 14.95% increase relative to the previous week.

Notably, data from Terra Classic Stakebin attested to the accuracy of the disclosure from the LUNC enthusiast. Moreover, Stakebin statistics indicated that over 25,961,527 LUNC tokens have been incinerated over the past 24 hours.

Furthermore, Stakebin data showed that the LUNC token burn frenzy peaked at the start of this new year. In particular, it suggested that 5,660,701,679, or over 5.66 billion LUNC, was burned on January 1. 

LUNC burn data | Stakebin
LUNC burn data | Stakebin

Another pro-LUNC YouTuber cited data revealing that LUNC’s all-time burn has clocked over 95 billion units. The LUNC enthusiast expects the 100 billion threshold to materialize next week with Binance’s planned token burn. 

Given the heightened craze about LUNC burn, community members are increasingly convinced that the path to $0.01 is becoming more evident. At the time of reporting, LUNC trades at $0.0001009 with a significant 5.60% gain over the past 24 hours. Essentially, attaining $0.01 from its current price would necessitate a growth rate of 9,810%.

Meanwhile, despite the burn efforts so far, LUNC’s supply remains at a staggering 6.81 trillion. 

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