MEME Launch Sets Positive Precedent for Coming Blue Chip NFT: Analyst

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MEME Launch Sets Positive Precedent for Coming Blue Chip NFT: Analyst
  • Andrew Kang praises MEME, declaring it the leading bell-wether in the meme coin market.
  • MEME achieves a $283 million valuation, securing its position as the fifth-largest sensational crypto project.
  • Kang believes MEME’s launch success sets a positive precedent for other blue chip NFTs.

In a recent tweet, prominent influencer Andrew Kang expressed his enthusiasm for MEME, a rising sensational crypto project that assumes the generic nomenclature of the entire meme coin market. 

Kang asserted that the MEME token establishes itself as a noteworthy bell-wether in the memecoin space. The analyst argued that MEME is poised to become the primary name that comes to mind when individuals seek out meme coins.

Furthermore, Kang highlighted the approach employed by MEME’s founders that contributes to the project’s growing success. Specifically, he underscored their success in building a vast global audience, crediting much of the accomplishment to their association with the renowned 9Gag brand. 

Moreover, the analyst pointed out MEME’s stand-out approach of having no formal roadmap and refraining from making promises to crypto market participants. According to Kang, the project relies solely on a dedicated community united by the singular goal of “meme-ing” the coin to infinity.

Kang’s positive sentiment towards MEME extends beyond the token itself. He suggested that the success of MEME’s launch sets a positive precedent for other blue chip Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) yet to release their coins.

According to data from market tracker CoinGecko, MEME has a market valuation of $283,396,975, ranking as the fifth largest sensational crypto project, despite being barely 30 days old. Crypto market participants traded over half a billion dollars of MEME in the last 24 hours, putting its seven-day cumulative growth at over 110%.

The leading trading platforms that have supported MEME include Binance, BingX, BitVenus, OKX, Bitget, Bybit, KuCoin, and many other prominent exchanges. 

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