Metagame Offers Whitehat NFTs in Return for Stolen Nomad Funds

Last Updated:
  • Nomad Bridge hackers are being lured with whitehat NFTs to return at least 90% of the stolen funds.
  • The initiative attempts to foster and support good behavior in the sector.
  • The NFT doesn’t have any function, serving only as a trophy to represent an act of good faith.

Following the $190 million Nomad Bridge hack on August 2, Metagame has initiated to give exclusive whitehat non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to anyone who returns at least 90% of the stolen funds to Nomad.

Metagame has offered an exclusive NFT that depicts a white wizard’s hat in exchange for the stolen funds. The NFT doesn’t have any function, serving only as a prize token representing an act of good faith.

About 100 FF tokens worth $53 from Forefront will also be given to the first 50 people who return the funds.

Brenner Spear, founder of Metagame, stated:

I am supportive of people doing the right things for the wrong reasons. More of the right things will happen, and maybe, people will start doing more of the right things for the right reasons too.

However, Twitter users did not welcome the idea as anticipated. A Twitter account commented, “That’s what the team comes up with to solve the problem? Rewarding a hacker with worthless NFT?” To this, Nomad responded that the idea was created by Metagame, they only brought it.

Early this month, the Nomad Bridge was compromised after hackers found a security loophole in Nomad’s smart contracts which gave them access to extract funds that didn’t belong to them through vague transactions.

As per the recent reports, the white hat hackers have returned over $32.6 million of the total stolen amount.