Michael Robinson Illustrates the Use-cases of Dynamic NFTs in a Tweet

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  • Michael Robinson demonstrates the use cases of dynamic NFTs.
  • The metadata can change based on varying conditions and external data.
  • dNFTs have applications in automobiles, blockchain gaming, retail stores, and more.

Michael Robinson, a Chainlink executive, explained the real-world utility of Dynamic NFTs in a recent post on Twitter.

“NFTs can be more than just static jpegs on a blockchain,” says Robinson, the Product Marketing Manager at Chainlink Labs. In his tweet, Robinson demonstrates the applications of dynamic NFTs, which he refers to as “the next step in the evolution of NFTs.”

Chainlink has been heavily promoting dynamic NFT use cases over the past few years. They have demonstrated numerous use cases for their Oracle service, Verifiable Random Feature (VRF), and CCIP bridge.

For the uninitiated, Dynamic NFTs (dNFTs) represent an advancement over static and unchanging digital assets. These NFTs can change and mutate over time in response to programmable features encoded by the developers.

In his tweet, Robinson illustrates how Tesla Model 3 vehicles can be tokenized as dNFTs with metadata updated to reflect service records, mileage, accident reports, and more with product history.

The product manager also demonstrates how the metadata of a house’s dNFT can be updated to reflect maintenance history, past sales, and age.

Robinson further explains the use cases of dNFTs in blockchain gaming and retail stores by leveraging Chainlink services. He directs his followers to Chainlink Tech Talks for more information.

The Chainlink (LINK) creator, Sergey Nazarov, in his latest interview with Bankless, mentioned,

Our goal with the Chainlink network is to level everything up, and I’m very proud that we’ve had a big impact on that, in DeFi insurance and fraud-proof gaming, in carbon credit markets— several places.

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