Michael Saylor Nets $1.5B Bitcoin Profit Amid BTC $39k Rally

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Michael Saylor Nets $1.5B Bitcoin
  • The renowned Bitcoin investor Michael Saylor now sits over a $1.5 billion profit in his investments.
  • The outstanding profit came to life as Bitcoin hit $39,400, with his average purchase at $30,512.81. 
  • Saylor’s all-time largest Bitcoin purchase of 2021, valued at  $1.026 billion, wallows in a loss of $258.678 million.

Data has shown that the renowned Bitcoin investor Michael Saylor, who doubles as the chairman of MicroStrategy, now sits on over a $1.5 billion profit in his Bitcoin investments. According to statistics from Saylortracker, a portal that tracks Saylor’s routine Bitcoin investments, the MicroStrategy chairman has invested $5,325400,000 to obtain 174,530 BTC since September 2020.

Per the tracker, the dollar cost average of his over three years of investment in Bitcoin is now $30,512.81 at the time of writing. With Bitcoin now at around $39,411, Michael Saylor’s initial $5.325 billion has now amounted to nearly $7 billion. 

Specifically, the information from the tracker indicates the pro-Bitcoin investor’s portfolio is now $6,900,641,579.28 at the time of reporting. The figure translates to a profit of $1,575,241,579.28, marking an all-time 29.58% gain.

Notably, MicroStrategy’s most daring Bitcoin purchase of this year happened just four days ago when Michael Saylor announced acquiring 16,130 units of Bitcoin at $593.3 million. The average cost per Bitcoin was $36,785. Interestingly, this mere four days investment has now seen a staggering profit of  $42,978,819.60.

Also, the recent purchase was Michael Saylor’s second Bitcoin acquisition for November 2023. On November 1, he bought 155 BTC at $5.3 million, which now graduated to a $6.114 million investment. Overall, the MicroStrategy chairman accumulated 16,285 in November.

Saylor’s most recent four Bitcoin stockpile frenzy in profit | Saylortracker
Saylor’s most recent four Bitcoin stockpile frenzy in profit | Saylortracker

Meanwhile, Saylor’s all-time largest Bitcoin purchase was during the peak of the last bull cycle. In particular, the prominent Bitcoin investor committed $1.026 billion to acquire 19,452 Bitcoin on February 24, 2021, at an average price of $52,765 per Bitcoin. However, that has so far become the investor’s worst Bitcoin move. The investment now wields a loss of $258.678 million.

On the other hand, Michael Saylor’s most discounted Bitcoin acquisition was on September 14 and 17, 2020. During these periods, he entered the Bitcoin market at an average price of $10,419.15 and $11,652.84, respectively.

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