Milady Meme Coin Surges in Its Debut; SmartMoney Gains 35x on LADYS

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Milady Meme Coin Surges in Its Debut; SmartMoney Gains 35x on LADYS
  • Milady Meme Coin (LADYS) debuted with a remarkable surge of 12,056%, gaining attention on Twitter
  • Lookonchain reported an address created before Elon Musk’s tweet, obtaining 8 trillion LADYS tokens.
  • SmartMoney achieved a 35x return from 2.15 trillion LADYS bought for 4.7 ETH ($8.6K).

The meme coin movement continues to evolve, and a brand new token called Milady Meme Coin (LADYS) has emerged with an astonishing surge of 12,056%, reaching $0.0000001341 in its highly anticipated debut. Currently, LADYS’s price stands at $0.0000001456, as per CoinMarketCap.

Developed by anonymous individuals, Milady has captured the attention of Twitter users, who are speculating about its possible ties to Elon Musk in an intriguing manner. Meanwhile, Lookonchain, a crypto analytics company, reported the creation of a “mysterious” address approximately one hour before Elon Musk tweeted a meme.

According to data provided by Lookonchain, the address in question obtained a staggering 8 trillion LADYS tokens at an average price of $0.000000005652 per token. The purchase was made using 25 ETH withdrawn from Binance, valued at approximately $45,362.

A day after, Lookonchain shared that a SmartMoney has demonstrated exceptional proficiency as a meme coin investor. They selectively acquired PEPE and LADYS tokens by purchasing PEPE on April 18 and acquiring LADYS prior to Musk’s tweet. Remarkably, they achieved a remarkable return of 36 times on PEPE and an impressive 35 times on LADYS.

SmartMoney strategically acquired 2.15 trillion LADYS tokens for 4.7 ETH, equivalent to $8,679 before Musk’s tweet, at a buying price of $0.000000004035 per token.

They subsequently sold 1.09 trillion LADYS tokens for 84 ETH valued at around $153,000 at a rate of $0.0000001404 per token. Presently, SmartMoney holds 1.06 trillion LADYS tokens, valued at approximately $158,000. In total, their profit amounts to $302,000, signifying an impressive gain of 35 times.