Move-to-Earn Walken Shares New Roadmap, In-game Economy Statistics

Last Updated:
  • Move-to-earn Walken has released its updated roadmap and in-game economy statistics.
  • Along with the roadmap and in-game economy statistics, new developments were also unveiled.
  • The Walken team is also developing a new game featuring “the CAThletes.”

Walken, a Solana-powered move-to-earn platform, has released its updated roadmap and in-game economy statistics.

In its announcement, Walken shared that it has unveiled its latest roadmap along with new app features that the company describes as “key developments.” In months, the Walken team will introduce a ranking system depicting player activity and achievements and a Wheel of Fortune feature to reward active players. Notably, the latter will be available on both Android and iOS devices.

The move-to-earn will launch the Walken Ambassador and dedicated bonus-linked referral programs to support local communities. The Walken team also said they will use the 60 million community-generated tokens to re-invest in Walken and add value to the community.

The game sets to improve its localization support with seven additional languages. This appears to be a by-product of the Walken mobile app tallying huge user bases in different parts of the world.

According to its latest in-game economy statistics, 19.6% of Walken’s user base is from Russia, followed by Ukraine’s 10.4%, India’s 7.34%, and Vietnam’s 5.13%. Moreover, the app has seen spikes of over 20,000 new daily users from July to August.

Since early August, Android users who have downloaded Walken represent over 7,000 new unique daily users, whereas iOS users are over 1,000. To date, Walken has over 1.11 million users. The team expects this number to grow by 2 million by the end of 2022.

“One of the main challenges of any gamified web3 project is to make it both fun and sustainable, especially a [free-to-play] one,” comments Walken co-founder and CEO Alexei Kulevets. “The growing appreciation for this project across key global regions showcases people are willing to dive into [w]eb3 and unlock the benefits it can provide.”

To further grow its community and provide them with a different experience, the team has also revealed that they are developing a new game featuring “the CAThletes” that will be released as a separate platform from Walken.

To the uninitiated, Walken rewards users with its native WLKN tokens for simply walking. The project is developed by the team behind Appyfurious and GetFit Apps.

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