New Music Video Features Snoop Dogg, Champ Medici, and Charles Hoskinson

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Bron And Bronny [Official Music Video]
  • Clay Nation dropped the official music video for Snoop Dogg and Champ Medici’s single “Bron and Bronny.”
  • Charles Hoskinson is prominently featured alongside Champ Medici in the official music video.
  • In the video, Hoskinson is seen hanging out with Medici while he raps.

On November 21, Clay Nation released the official music video for Snoop Dogg and Champ Medici’s single “Bron and Bronny.” Notably, the music video prominently featured Charles Hoskinson, co-founder of Cardano, along with Champ Medici at Hoskinson’s Wyoming ranch.

The official music video features Medici rocking a green jacket and pants, with Hoskinson wearing a brown leather jacket alongside him. Hoskinson appears alongside Medici, riding on the all-terrain Sherp and sipping on a glass of champagne.

Snoop Dogg and Champ Medici officially released the audio for “Bron and Bronny” back in June 17, 2022, with Champ Medici asking Hoskinson to be part of the future music video. Hoskinson replied:

Afterward, on August 7 Champ Medici tweeted an update with photos of him alongside Charles Hoskinson on his Wyoming Ranch.

Champ Medici, Snoop Dogg’s son, has joined the renowned Clay Nation NFT project, seemingly following in his father’s footsteps. The project itself made this official and disclosed the duties entrusted to Cordell Broadus, alias Champ Medici. Clay Nation is an NFT project powered by the Cardano blockchain.

Clay Nation gained notoriety for its initial generation of clay-made non-fungible tokens, which attracted Snoop Dogg. Snoop has been an ardent cryptocurrency and NFT enthusiast. He also recently collaborated with BAYC NFT and Eminem for the official music video for their single “From the D 2 the LBC.”