NFT Marketplace Voice Announces its Closure; Assures Asset Safety

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NFT Marketplace Voice Announces its Closure; Assures Asset Safety
  • Voice announces the closure of services realizing the possibility of prolonged uncertain NFT market conditions.
  • The platform provides an opportunity for its members to move their assets to EOS, Polygon, or Ethereum.
  • As per Voice, users’ assets will be safe in the platform until December 2024.

Voice, a prominent NFT marketplace, revealed its decision to cease its operations in the succeeding months, amid persistent uncertainty in the NFT space. In a recent series of tweets, Voice announced that the marketplace would soon suspend registrations for new users and close trading activities completely. Voice assured its users that existing assets will remain safe until December 2024, before which they can be moved to EOS, Polygon or Ethereum.

The NFT marketplace’s tweets displayed optimism on the potential of the web3 sector, despite the current downtrend in the NFT market. Voice’s tweet suggested that its team would not be leaving the sector entirely, adding: “We will see you out there [web3] in the months and years to come”.

While announcing the marketplace’s closure, Voice pointed out its users had been sent an email clarifying further details of the firm’s decision. Further, Voice took the opportunity to convey its gratitude to the NFT community and artists, stating:

Thank you to our artists for working so closely with us to help shape the future of art. Together, we saw the potential for empowering artists in Web3. We hope our commitment to carbon neutrality, artist royalties, and inclusivity has helped unlock some of that potential.

Launched in 2019 by the EOS founder Dan Larimer, better known as BM, Voice once appeared to have a bright future ahead of it. In 2020,, the EOS publisher, invested around $150 million in Voice, with the aim of guaranteeing Voice’s operational independence from In February 2022, Voice released the world’s first voice NFT, Voiceverse Origins. Though Voice began its venture as a social media platform, it ended up being an NFT marketplace, riding the NFT wave from its dizzying highs to the crashing lows experienced by the sector this year.