NFT, Metaverse Trademark Applications See Surge in 2022: Report

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  • Blockchain-related trademarks application have surged in 2022.
  • Metaverse trademark applications were higher than that of NFTs.
  • Hermes has filed for a Metaverse trademark application amid an ongoing legal debacle.

The United States Patent and Trademark Office received more than 3,600 trademark applications for cryptocurrencies and services linked to cryptocurrencies as of August 31, according to data that was revealed on Tuesday by intellectual property lawyer Mike Kondoudis. In comparison, the total number of trademark applications received for 2021 was 3,516.

Source: Mike Kondoudis
Source: Mike Kondoudis

The numbers were much higher in the NFT and metaverse sectors, with over 5,800 patent applications for NFT technology being submitted in 2022 compared to just 2,087 in 2021. Meanwhile, the number of trademark applications relating to the metaverse and Web3 quadrupled as of August 2022, reaching 4,182 as opposed to 2021’s figure of 1,866.

Notably, March had the highest number of filings in 2022 across all three categories of applications, with 1,078 for NFTs, 604 for crypto, and 759 for the metaverse. In general, July and August had the lowest amount of applications.

In addition to investigating new advancements in the metaverse, a large number of celebrities and corporations are joining the sector to protect their brands. Interestingly, in late 2021, the French luxury fashion company Hermes initiated legal action against the inventor of MetaBirkins, Mason Rothschild, alleging that Rothschild had benefited financially from the selling of digital copies of the Hermes-renowned Birkin bag.

Hermes has just submitted a trademark application in the United States to use its name in the metaverse. However, the lawsuit is still currently in progress.

Sony Music Entertainment has also recently filed for NFT trademarks. Other brands looking to establish themselves in web3 include Meta, Mastercard, Mcdonald’s, Formula One, and Gatorade.

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