NFTFN Presale Goes Live: Endorsed by Polygon’s Visionary Sandeep Nailwal

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NFTFN Presale Goes Live: Endorsed by Polygon’s Visionary Sandeep Nailwal Press Release

The NFTFN Presale is now live, offering the NFTFN token at $0.025. Experts suggest that the token’s price will rise soon as the application it is native to, the NFTFN trading platform, witnesses massive adoption thanks to its segment-shifting use cases.

That sentiment is strongly believed by the co-founder of the multi-billion dollar Polygon ecosystem, Sandeep Nailwal. The crypto titan, who has invested in several projects that influence the blockchain ecosystem, is among the numerous famous investors backing the NFTFN platform financially. With so much support, the NFTFN platform will undoubtedly reengineer how the NFT space functions.

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The NFTFN Platform

An avant-garde project, NFTFN takes the ambitious step to metamorphosize the NFT market by changing how enthusiasts interact with their favorite collections. No more are the days of interacting with low market cap NFTs due to the FOMO of capital-rich enthusiasts capitalizing on top-dollar collections. NFTFN makes blue-chip NFTs accessible to everyone. All they need is $10 to begin.

NFTFN offers NFT trading utility through its novel index of the most popular non-fungible assets. Users can long or short the index by trading perpetual contracts representing all the NFTs in it collectively. The perps offer fractional exposure to the index, meaning users can ride the price action of the index’s NFTs and hopefully capitalize on market movements.

Beyond this newly developed accessibility to top NFTs, the index ensures users’ positions remain relatively stable compared to buying or trading a single NFT on traditional marketplaces. The collective exposure to NFTs hedges trades against the dropping prices of a few NFTs in the index at any time. It means well-performing NFTs counteract those not doing so well to robustly maintain user positions from tanking and liquidations.

As Decentralized and Transparent as Can Be

Furthermore, NFTFN operates transparently using decentralized mechanisms. All trades are executed through its first-of-a-kind NFT DEX. Thus, no human element is involved in executing trades, replaced by smart contracts that eliminate centralization issues. Also, the platform offers a transparent orderbook that displays bids and asks so users can verify that their trades are executed at fair prices. NFTFN overcomes opaque trading practices and advances trustworthiness in trading.

Users can go beyond NFT trading to interact with other asset types, including Bitcoin Ordinals, RWAs, and ERC-20 tokens, through NFTFN’s various indices. While Bitcoin Ordinal perps will be ready to trade alongside NFT perps with the platform’s soon-to-come launch, RWAs and ERC-20 token perps can be expected in future updates. All trades on the platform come with 10X leverage potential, so users looking to take the extra risk can harness it to draw increased trading rewards.

Align Your Investments with Crypto Giants through the NFTFN Presale

With use cases so novel, it is not surprising that top crypto founders like Sandeep Nailwal are backing the NFTFN platform. Thanks to NFTFN’s presale, which is in phase 1, investors from across the cryptoverse now have the chance to do the same. Getting in early can net some of the most significant returns from this year’s bull run.

As the NFTFN platform looks to achieve top rank in the NFT ecosystem, the NFTFN token looks to become the top-gaining altcoin.


NFTFN is the go-to platform for perpetual trading of diverse assets like Blue-Chip NFTs, Crypto, and Real-World Assets. With a minimum investment of just $10, users can easily take long or short positions on their chosen asset class, catering to traders of all levels.

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