Nine-Figure Investment Unveiled for Arena Renovation

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  • and AEG sports announce a nine-figure renovation plan on Arena and Xbox plaza in LA Live
  • The layout will feature new hospitality spaces and enhance viewing experience to the VIP guests.
  • AEG President and CEO Dan Beckerman said ”We have invested hundreds of millions of dollars to ensure that the venue remains state-of-the-art.

On August 22, and AEG Sports announced a nine-figure investment in the renovation of Crypto.Com Arena and Xbox Plaza facilities at LA Live. The investment announcement caused controversy as the crypto winter still proves to be difficult. However, both companies take pride in their ongoing investments in the famous arena.’s decision to fund renovation to expand its brand comes in controversial circumstances where the crypto winter is threatening to drive cryptocurrency companies to bankruptcy.

However, Dan Beckerman – AEG’s President and CEO – shared his pride in Arena’s achievements since its opening. Beckerman spoke of the pride and commitment involved in these investments for the sake of sports fans, partners, artists, and teams.

Since its opening, we have invested hundreds of millions of dollars to ensure that the venue remains state-of-the-art, while consistently creating a world-class event and fan experience. The investment in these renovations demonstrates the ongoing commitment of AEG, the Lakers, and the Kings to deliver the best experiences for all of our fans, partners, artists, and teams.

Lee Zeidman, President of Arena, Microsoft Theater, and LA LIVE said that these renovations are aimed at providing fans with a better experience of their favorite sports and music events. He too hopes that these projects will generate business for the team. 

The project that is proposed to have a multi-tunnel club that will feature new hospitality spaces and viewing experience for VIP Guests will take shape under the purview of the stadium’s original architects, Dan Meis and Ron Turner, who have more than 20 years of experience under their belt in improving stadiums.

Furthermore, the layout is supposed to have an expansion of the Chairman’s club to offer an enhanced experience to the VIP guests in’s most private and coveted location. It expects to have LED screens and ribbons in the lower and upper bowls for better visibility and advertising for fans.

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