OKX Teases November 14 Surprise: Could It Be the LayerZero Airdrop?

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OKX Teases LayerZero Airdrop
  • A cryptic video, titled “Probably nothing,” from OKX hints at a potential LayerZero (ZRO) airdrop on November 14, 2023.
  • OKX Ventures, a significant LayerZero investor, has a track record of supporting ventures with subsequent airdrops.
  • Coin Hunter reports capitals with LayerZero investments anticipating a launch in Q4 2023.

LayerZero enthusiasts are on the edge of their seats as a cryptic video posted by crypto exchange OKX hints at a potential airdrop scheduled for November 14, 2023. The video, intriguingly captioned “Probably nothing,” was swiftly taken down but not before capturing the attention of the crypto community.

The video, characterized by a black-and-white color scheme and a distinctive wormhole animation, reminiscent of Stargate portals, has sparked a wave of speculation and anticipation among crypto enthusiasts. LayerZero’s association with Stargate’s bridge has led to increased activity, with crypto traders using the bridge in hopes of becoming eligible for the rumored LayerZero (ZRO) airdrop.

OKX Ventures, a notable investor in LayerZero, has a track record of backing successful crypto ventures that have subsequently conducted airdrops. Previous beneficiaries include Arbitrum, Sei Network, Connext, Gitcoin, and Gods Unchained. Notably, a significant percentage of OKX Ventures’ portfolio companies are rumored to have airdrops in the pipeline, including zkSync, Scroll, Starknet, Berachain, and the mysterious LayerZero.

Furthermore, back in July 2023, OKX released a LayerZero Airdrop Guide, possibly laying the groundwork for the upcoming event. Consequently, OKX’s potential LayerZero airdrop announcement has contributed to increased transaction volume on layer-2, surpassing Ethereum mainnet activity.

Adding another layer to the mystery is a post on X from Sandeep Nailwal, co-founder of Polygon and an angel investor in LayerZero, which reads, “Are you ready? 14th November,” which aligns perfectly with the date shown in the enigmatic video.

Weighing in on the speculation, crypto investor and influencer Coin Hunter, who reached out to capitals with LayerZero investments, reported, “When I asked the capitals with LayerZero investment, they said that they expected the launch to be made in Q4 2023.” With November 14 just around the corner, Coin Hunter concluded, “There isn’t much time left.”

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