PIXXTASY NFT Collection Highlights Big Brands in 3D Pixel Art for Anti-drug Drive

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pixxtasy Press Release

PIXXTASY, an NFT project that promotes drug use abstinence and supports anti-drug charities, will mint its pieces of exquisitely hand-drawn 3D pixel art inspired by industry giants and popular culture on September 7.

According to the PIXXTASY team, each NFT is exclusive and hand-drawn by a skilled pixel artist to make them more original and highly regarded. The NFTs resemble pop culture symbols, industry giants, emojis, and sports icons. Specific artwork includes logos of prominent brands such as Apple, Mcdonald’s, and Netflix and icons like Hello Kitty, Darth Vader, and Spongebob.

Notably, some artwork of the NFTs takes inspiration from real-world drugs, as it aligned with the project’s goal to raise awareness about what illegal drugs may look like and the dangers of taking them.

The collection’s first mint will go live today at 20:00 (UTC), Wednesday, and followed by nine subsequent mintings every week until November 9.

The PIXXTASY team also recognizes the challenges treatment facilities and NGOs face in establishing an online presence. In commitment to fighting drug addiction, PIXXTASY will use the funds from the sale of the NFTs to build a platform to onboard these charities in their mission to support the rehabilitation of drug-dependent individuals. In particular, PIXXTASY will help empower these groups, helping them raise funds more efficiently through blockchain technology.

Moreover, PIXXTASY looks to develop a global online platform and launchpad where people or companies can reach out to organizations and develop solutions to support the recovery of illegal drug users.

Ultimately, the project aims to be a global movement that supports the fight against drugs. It looks to raise $1,000,000 already pledged to numerous charities, NGOs, and rehab facilities worldwide.

Users can visit the collection’s OpenSea listing to check out the unique collection.

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PIXXTASY is an NFT project that promotes drug use abstinence and supports anti-drug charities. The project is founded by Zoltán Egri, a former drug-dependent who is now an active advocate against drug use. The project will support rehabilitation centers and NGOs with their operations through blockchain, cryptocurrency, and NFT.

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