Polygon CDK Solves Interoperability, Liquidity Issues Across Chains

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Polygon CDK Solves Interoperability
  • Polygon CDK to address the “walled garden” problem in appchain ecosystems, tweeted Polygon.
  • Developers can customize chains using Polygon CDK components, including upgrading to ZK technology.
  • Polygon CDK provides cross-chain execution, rapid finality, and high-speed proof technology.

Polygon just announced its Polygon CDK (Chain Development Kit) with an elaborate Twitter thread on how it fixes “walled garden” issue in existing appchain ecosystems. On August 29, Polygon tweeted that many appchain ecosystems struggle with liquidity and interoperability. However, a blog introducing Polygon CDK highlighted that Polygon 2.0 transforms that in its “vision of the Value Layer of the Internet.”

The thread explained that any developer can deploy open-source Polygon CDK featuring a modular codebase to launch their own ZK-powered layer-2 chains on Ethereum. The technology enables seamless interoperability, noted the Polygon article.

“By connecting to a shared ZK bridge, every chain is also seamlessly interoperable – connected to every other. Together, these chains form the value layer of the internet.”

Moreover, Polygon CDK offers developers the flexibility to choose custom Polygon CDK components to build their tailor-made chains as per requirements. CDK also allows Polygon Supernets to upgrade their present architecture to the “industry-leading Polygon ZK technology.” The Polygon zkEVM protocol provides L2 Rollup solutions by combining cryptographic zero-knowledge proofs and the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM).

To solve the liquidity crisis, Polygon CDK connects any deployed chain to other Polygon chains, enabling “near-instant finality and cross-chain execution,” across all networks. Additionally, with Polygon CDK, users are no longer required to operate complete nodes to verify the legitimacy of transactions. Chains established through the CDK place their trust in cryptographic security measures instead of relying on the social prerequisites needed for fraud-proof. Therefore, the validity of chain states is demonstrated through mathematical means.

Apart from automatic access to shared liquidity, and one-click access to Ethereum’s liquidity, Polygon CDK also facilitates access to high-speed Polygon proving and proof aggregation technology ready for production.

Polygon 2.0 is introducing a number of upgrades including the new token POL which claims to be a “massive technical upgrade to MATIC.” Founder Sandeep Nailwal stated that POL can be used in multi-chain staking while avoiding the risks of restaking.