Price surge across the market as Kaspa (KAS) & Solana (SOL) rocket, but DeeStream (DST) steals limelight with presale investment

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Price surge across the market as Kaspa (KAS) & Solana (SOL) rocket, but DeeStream (DST) steals limelight with presale investment Press Release

Kaspa (KAS) and Solana (SOL) were among the top gainers of 2023. However, their massive market capitalizations limit their growth potential in 2024. While no one will say no to a 2x or 3x gain in 2024, growth-focused investors could do significantly better by investing in the low-cap, undervalued gems. One of those types of projects is DeeStream (DST), whose presale is making waves as it closes in on a sellout. Here’s why DeeStream is stealing the show with its 50x potential.

Kaspa (KAS) Price Closes in on ATH Levels in February

As of February 13th, Kaspa (KAS) was changing hands at $0.1426, closing in on its historical November 2023 highs of $0.154. Kaspa (KAS) is up by 45% in the past 7 days. The resurgence can be attributed to Kaspa’s (KAS) listing on Changelly, meaning more prospective investors have access to Kaspa (KAS). Furthermore, the technical analysis suggests a positive outlook for Kaspa (KAS). Currently, the Kaspa (KAS) is trading above its 21 and 50-day EMAs. According to market analysts, Kaspa (KAS) is expected to experience a significant surge to $0.18 by March 2024.

Solana (SOL) Surges by 8% After Bitcoin Hits $50K

The rise of Bitcoin beyond the $50,000 mark sparked a wave of optimism in the market, leading to substantial gains for various major altcoins like Solana (SOL), and more. Recent data from CryptoSlate reveals that there has been a notable 8% surge in Solana (SOL) token prices, with the current trading range moving around the $114 mark. Market analysts are pointing to the buzz surrounding the multiple spot Bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs) in the US as the main reason for this bullish trend.

DeeStream (DST) Solves the Streaming Platform Centralization Problem

DeeStream (DST) solves the centralization problem in video streaming platforms like Kick, Twitch, TikTok, and YouTube—namely, the problems arising from their heavily centralized governance, revenue sharing, and policies. Particularly, the greedy, rent-seeking behavior of these platforms, and the ever-looming threat of deplatforming and censorship that many content creators have already faced at one point or another.

DeeStream ensures that content creators receive a fair share of their earnings, besides providing them with opportunities to explore different sources of income through its native token. In addition, DeeStream token holders have the opportunity to generate passive income through revenue sharing on platform fees. The more DST tokens they possess, the greater their passive income earning potential.

Experts in the crypto world have drawn comparisons between this platform and YouTube. The early demand for DeeStream’s DST token has also gotten industry observers believing that DeeStream could skyrocket in prominence in 2024. They peg DST tokens to trade around the 25x to 50x range when the next bull run arrives in 2024, or around $1 to $1.50. Those are gains Kaspa (KAS) and Solana (SOL) can only dream of making within the same time frame.

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