ProBit Lists World’s First Mining Meme Coin, MINU, as It Gains Traction

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ProBit Lists World’s First Mining Meme Coin, MINU, as It Gains Traction
  • ProBit Global lists the world’s “first-ever” mining meme coin, MINU
  • MINU deposits commenced on February 1, while withdrawal and trading commenced on February 2
  • The listing comes at the right time, as the coin has recorded unprecedented gains over the past few weeks

Cryptocurrency trading platform ProBit Global lists the world’s ‘first-ever’ mining meme coin, MINU, potentially offering users the opportunity to mine and earn rewards through its decentralized app.

Announced via an official press release on ProBit Global, the coin was listed in February 2024, with deposits available as early as February 1. Withdrawal and trading commenced at the start of the weekend on February 2.

The listing comes just in time as MINU records unprecedented gains over recent weeks. This has garnered substantial interest in the meme coin, highlighting the potential to drive significant growth on the network.

Positioned as the ‘first-ever’ mining meme coin on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), MINU is the native token powering the Minu ecosystem. In addition to offering users the ability to mine and earn rewards, users can also receive an 8% daily payout in BNB and 2% on every transaction, regardless of buy or sell.

MINU was launched in late January and has since gained significant interest within the community, having gathered over 2,000 holders and receiving support from notable figures in the BSC space like Altcoin Gems.

The MINU coin boasts a deflationary model, strategically burning over 80% of its supply. When coupled with a 5% transaction tax, these mechanisms not only create scarcity but also serve as powerful incentives for long-term holding.

ProBit Global reassures that the platform only lists the industry’s best, ensuring a ‘vote of confidence,’ in MINU’s model, highlighting the coin’s potential. The coin also goes on to offer a range of giveaways and airdrops, possibly enticing traders into the project.

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