Prominent Crypto User Thinks Trust Wallet is Out Of Synchronization

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Prominent Crypto User Thinks Trust Wallet is Out Of Synchronization
  • EGRAG CRYPTO Thinks Trust Wallet is out of synchronization.
  • The crypto personality lamented over delays in executing XML-related transactions.
  • Trust Wallet earlier identified cybersecurity issues affecting iOS users in the crypto space.

EGRAG CRYPTO, a prominent crypto personality on X, has alerted the crypto community of a potential problem with Trust Wallet. In a recent post, the crypto expert insinuated that the Trust Wallet is having issues and could be out of synchronization. 

Meanwhile, EGRAG’s recent post was to emphasize an earlier complaint about an encounter he had with an XLM transaction. According to him, he transferred funds from an exchange to a hot wallet but the XLM was yet to show up in the wallet. 

At the time of his initial post, the delay had lasted about 10 hours, even though the transaction was visible on the blockchain. He asked if anyone else encountered the same issues with their transactions.

A user responding to EGRAG’s post highlighted that Trust Wallet was affected by the recent zero-day iPhone exploit. According to the respondent, he understood that Apple is working on a security fix, noting that the current issues expose the wallet to vulnerabilities that allow bad actors to access a wallet with a simple text.

Last Monday, Trust Wallet alerted iOS users over a cybersecurity issue, noting that it had credible intel regarding a high-risk zero-day exploit targeting iMessage on the Dark Web. The wallet provider warned that the threat can infiltrate users’ iPhones without clicking any link. Trust Wallet also noted that high-value targets are likely, with each use raising detection risk.

Following the alert, Trust Wallet advised iPhone users to disable iMessages immediately, before Apple fixed the issue. However, the wallet provider clarified that the issue is not peculiar to Trust Wallet but spreads across the entire cryptocurrency ecosystem.

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