Ripple and SEC Submit Available Dates for the 2024 Q2 Trial

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  • Ripple Labs and the SEC responded to a request from Judge Analisa Torres, submitting the list of their available dates for the upcoming trial.
  • While Ripple will not be available from April 1-14, the SEC will be available in April, May, and June except on April 15-19, May 1-7, and May 27-31.
  • Bill Morgan anticipates that the trial is less likely to take place before April 19.

Ripple Labs and the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) have reportedly submitted a list of dates signifying their availability and unavailability for the upcoming trial in the next year’s second quarter, as part of the prolonged legal saga. A renowned XRP attorney Bill Morgan took to X earlier today to share his estimations that the trial is unlikely to happen before April 19, 2024, considering the applicable dates.

Following Judge Analisa Torres’ ruling that concluded XRP was not a security, she announced the court’s decision to schedule a trial for the second quarter of 2024, indicating that the SEC-Ripple summary judgment would retain its status till the trial. In addition, the judge gave a deadline for both parties to submit their blackout dates for the event.

According to a Twitter thread posted by the defense lawyer James K Filan, Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse and the co-founder Chris Larsen responded to Judge Torres’ request to update the available trial dates, informing her that a period from April 1 to April 14 would be inconvenient for them. In an official letter addressed to Judge Torres, the attorney Michael K. Kellog stated:

On behalf of Defendants Ripple Labs, Inc., I submit this letter pursuant to the Court’s Order directing that parties to notify the Court of dates they are unavailable for trial in the second quarter of 2024. …. Defendants Ripple has no blackout dates and is available for trial throughout the second quarter of 2024.

Similarly, the SEC has also filed a response to the court’s request, apprising that the regulators would be available in the months of April, May, and June for the trial. However, the commission has excluded some dates like April 15-19, May 1-7, and May 27-31 from their list. The journalist Eleanor Terret posted on her official Twitter page a copy of the SEC’s letter to Judge Torres, showcasing their dates of availability.

Following a series of dramatic events in the crypto space, including the SEC’s lawsuits against different exchanges and tokens, Judge Torres’ ruling gave a ray of hope to the investors. Despite the judge’s order for the trial, investors and enthusiasts firmly believe in the status of XRP as not a security that would stay untouched by the trial.

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