Ripple Has Not Yet Achieved Victory in SEC Case: Warning from Expert!

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SEC May Still Win Ripple Case: Outcome Uncertain!
  • Haynes explicitly stated that Ripple has not yet achieved a definitive victory.
  • While Ripple has proclaimed a victory, the court has not yet had the final say.
  • SEC has appealed the court’s decision on XRP, and a response is awaited.

Even though no final decision has been made in the case between Ripple and the SEC since December 2021, people in the cryptocurrency community still claim that Ripple (XRP) may win the battle. In this context, the founder of Equity Crowdfunding platform Seedstarter, Jesse Hynes, addressed and expounded on the conclusion of the Ripple and SEC case in his latest statement.

Jesse Haynes opposes rumors and expectations in the Ripple community, emphasizing that the outcome of the case cannot be leaked. Haynes emphasizes that if such information were leaked, it would likely not be true and could be a move for leverage in the ongoing negotiations.

Haynes says that any rumor is nonsense until a final result is obtained and therefore cannot be trusted. It is worth noting that Jesse Haynes dismisses Ripple rejoicing over the court ruling claiming that the XRP token may be security. The SEC later appealed the court’s XRP decision, but no final result has been reached yet.

In addition to his views, when a user asked, “Is this an appeal? I thought Ripple already won?” Haynes responded by clarifying that Ripple (XRP) has not officially won;

Ripple hasn’t won. They won in part lost in part. Other stuff to be decided, and that’s before appeal.

Haynes emphasizes the fact that there are still other issues that need determination. He particularly noted that Ripple has not won an absolute victory. The court pointed out that the XRP token might not be a security “in some cases” however; Ripple is yet to secure a full victory in this case. In June 2022, according to the statement released by Brad Garlinghouse, if Ripple loses, it will leave the US.

XRP token has been affected by this case, experiencing volatile price movements. Currently, the XRP price is $0.529. Despite the SEC case, XRP has maintained its position in the top rankings and is currently the sixth largest crypto with a market capitalization of $28 billion. The token’s price has risen by over 2% in the last 24 hours.

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