Ripple’s Stock Undervalued: Expert Jones Highlights Growth Potential

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Ripple’s Stock Undervalued: Expert Jones Highlights Growth Potential
  • Financial expert Linda P. Jones estimates Ripple’s stock undervaluation and potential valuation of $600 per share.
  • Jones suggests Ripple’s valuation could reach $107 billion, almost 20 times its current market value.
  • Analyst CryptoSasha sees a realistic valuation of $100-150 billion for Ripple, potentially reaching $250 billion.

Crypto analysts on Twitter have been speculating about Ripple Labs’ potential plans for an initial public offering. According to Wall Street veteran Linda P. Jones, if Ripple were to have an IPO, there is a possibility that its valuation could surpass $600 per share.

In a recent video, financial expert Jones estimated Ripple’s stock value and expressed concerns about its current undervaluation. Ripple’s stock is priced at $35 on Linqto, valuing the company at $5.7 billion. However, Jones believes this is disproportionately low given Ripple’s historical performance and its significant holdings of 42 billion XRP tokens in escrow, valued at $21 billion.

Jones drew a comparison to Coinbase, which experienced a substantial increase in value after going public. If Ripple were valued similarly to Coinbase at $86 billion and combined with its $21 billion XRP holdings, the total valuation could reach $107 billion, almost 20 times the current market value.

In addition, Jones projected a valuation of $150 billion for Ripple’s XRP holdings if XRP regains its former peak value of $3.59. Citing leading companies like Nvidia, Apple, and Amazon, which have achieved trillion and billion-dollar valuations, Jones reasoned that Ripple’s potential alignment with such enterprises could potentially lead to a valuation of half a trillion dollars.

Analyst CryptoSasha agreed that a valuation of $100-150 billion for Ripple’s stock is realistic, indicating a potential 15-20 times return on investment and a share price of $600. They even suggested that a higher valuation of $250 billion is possible, envisioning Ripple becoming a trillion-dollar company by 2030, similar to Nvidia.

However, CryptoSasha believes that the IPO may not occur until late 2024 or early 2025 due to unfavorable market conditions.

In response, Linda P. Jones provided a counterpoint, stating that she believes Ripple will IPO sooner for several reasons. She mentioned a private roadshow meeting with analysts in April ’23, indicating progress towards an IPO.

Moreover, Jones argued that companies that have sufficient cash, like Ripple with $1 billion, can still go public even in a challenging IPO market. Additionally, she anticipates strong demand for Ripple’s IPO due to the resolution of the lawsuit and the resulting positive momentum.

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