Safe (SAFE) Price Prediction 2024-2030: Can SAFE Price Hit $20 Soon?

Last Updated:
  • Safe’s 2024 price could peak at $2.10, suggesting a steady upward trend.
  • Safe is projected to reach up to $24.64 by 2030, highlighting robust growth potential.
  • In 2040, Safe’s price might soar to a high of $520.34, indicating significant long-term growth.

Safe (SAFE) is a cryptocurrency designed to enhance security and privacy in digital transactions. Built on a decentralized platform, Safe aims to provide users with an anonymous and secure means of conducting financial operations. The emphasis on privacy is a response to growing concerns over data breaches and surveillance in traditional financial systems.

The core technology behind Safe involves robust encryption protocols and a blockchain structure that supports anonymous transactions. This setup ensures that the details of the transaction and the identity of the users are kept confidential. By using advanced cryptographic techniques, Safe protects against common security threats while ensuring fast and efficient transaction processing.

As part of its mission, Safe also focuses on accessibility and ease of use, making it appealing to both experienced crypto enthusiasts and newcomers. The SAFE network includes features such as wallet applications and integrated support services to help users manage their funds effectively. This comprehensive approach aims to foster broader adoption of cryptocurrency for secure everyday transactions.

Safe (SAFE) Real Time Market Status

🪙 Name Safe
💱 Symbol SAFE
🏅 Rank #115
💲 Price $1.34455019643
📊 Price Change (1h) -0.25 %
📊 Price Change (24h) -5.99 %
📊 Price Change (7d) -7.8 %
💵 Market Cap $573874253.937
💸 Circulating Supply 426815046 SAFE
💰 Total Supply 1000000000 SAFE

Safe (SAFE) is currently trading at $1.34455019643 and sits at number #115 on CoinMarketCap in terms of market capitalization. There are 426815046 SAFE coins currently in circulation, bringing the total market cap to $573874253.937.

Over the past 24 hours, Safe has decreased by 5.99%. Looking at the last week, the coin is down by 7.8%.

What is Safe (SAFE)?

The Safe Token (SAFE) is a digital asset functioning within the Safe ecosystem, designed to facilitate secure and private transactions on its proprietary blockchain. As a utility token, SAFE is used primarily for transaction fees, governance, and access to specialized services within the Safe network. It aims to empower users with greater control over their digital interactions while enhancing privacy.

SAFE leverages advanced cryptographic techniques to ensure that transactions remain confidential and secure. By adopting such stringent security measures, the token becomes a fundamental part of maintaining the integrity and resilience of the network against potential threats and vulnerabilities. This approach ensures that users can rely on the Safe platform for their financial operations.

Furthermore, holders of Safe Token also participate in the governance of the network, influencing decisions regarding updates and protocol changes. This feature promotes a decentralized governance structure, allowing the community to steer the development and future direction of the Safe ecosystem.

Safe (SAFE) Current Market Status

Throughout the week, the price has demonstrated resilience, moving from lower levels around $1.25 to breaking through a significant resistance level near $1.40. This surge indicates strong buying interest and a potentially bullish outlook for the token.

This upward movement was accompanied by increased trading activity as the price approached and surpassed this critical threshold.

However, despite the positive price movement, the trading volume has shown a decrease of 12.16%, settling at approximately $14.5 million over 24 hours. This reduction in volume suggests that while the price has increased, fewer transactions were needed to push the price up, possibly indicating less aggressive selling pressure or consolidation after the initial price surge.

In terms of market valuation, Safe has reached a market capitalization of $617,542,256, marking an increase of 3.82%. The circulating supply of SAFE tokens stands at 426,815,046 SAFE out of a total and maximum supply of 1,000,000,000 SAFE. This supply, coupled with the current market cap, offers insights into the token’s liquidity and availability for trading, reflecting a relatively healthy market condition for Safe.

Safe (SAFE) Price Analysis: Bollinger Bands

The Bollinger Bands on the 4-hour chart for Safe (SAFE) indicate a recent contraction followed by expansion, suggesting increased volatility. As of the last recorded data point, the price of SAFE at $1.4468 is pushing towards the upper Bollinger Band, signaling bullish momentum. The upper band is currently at approximately $1.4590, which might act as resistance in the short term.

SAFE/USD 4-Hr Price Chart (source: TradingView)

The middle band, which is the 20-period simple moving average, sits at about $1.3909. This serves as a dynamic level of support during price retracements. The recent upward movement of the price from this middle band underscores a strengthening market sentiment, as prices have consistently stayed above this average, indicating a sustained bullish trend.

Furthermore, the widening gap between the bands highlights potential volatility, suggesting that traders should be prepared for significant price movements, possibly testing either band depending on market dynamics and broader economic factors influencing cryptocurrency markets.

Safe (SAFE) Price Analysis: Bull Bear Power

The Bull Bear Power (BBP) indicator on the 4-hour chart for Safe (SAFE) provides insights into market sentiment and potential price direction. Currently, the BBP stands at 0.0772, which indicates a positive market sentiment as it is above zero. This suggests that the bulls are in control, exerting upward pressure on the price.

Over the recent period, the BBP has shown a rising trend from negative values, reflecting a shift from bearish to bullish sentiment. This change aligns with the increase in the price of Safe, which has been gradually ascending towards the $1.45 mark. Such a movement signals increasing buying interest and a potential continuation of the upward trend if the momentum is sustained.

SAFE/USD 4-Hr Price Chart (source: TradingView)

Traders monitoring this indicator would likely consider the current BBP value as a confirmation of bullish strength in the market, possibly leading to strategies that capitalize on further upward movements. However, shifts in the BBP back below zero could indicate a resurgence of bearish pressure, affecting the short-term outlook for SAFE.

Safe (SAFE) Price Analysis: Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD)

The Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD) indicator on the 4-hour chart for Safe (SAFE) presents a bullish signal. Currently, the MACD line (blue) at 0.0169 is above the signal line (orange) at 0.0094, indicating bullish momentum as the MACD line diverges positively from the signal line.

This positive crossover, which occurred shortly after a period of consolidation as shown in the histogram, suggests increasing bullish sentiment among traders. The green bars on the histogram, which are increasing in height, further confirm this upward trend, signaling that the bullish momentum is strengthening.

SAFE/USD 4-Hr Price Chart (source: TradingView)

Overall, the MACD analysis for SAFE on the 4-hour chart suggests a continued bullish trend in the short term. Traders might consider this a favorable time for potential buying opportunities, keeping an eye on further increases in the MACD line above the signal line to confirm sustained upward movement.

Safe (SAFE) Price Prediction 2024-2050

Price PredictionPotential Low ($)Average Price ($)Potential High ($)

Safe (SAFE) Price Prediction 2024

Our detailed technical analysis of historical data for Safe suggests that in 2024, the expected minimum price of Safe will be approximately $1.35. It could potentially peak at a maximum price of $2.10, with an average trading value throughout the year around $1.84.

Safe (SAFE) Price Prediction 2024: Resistance and Support Levels

The resistance level is currently set at approximately $1.4487, which Safe has approached but not consistently surpassed in recent trading sessions. This level represents a significant barrier where selling pressure has historically increased, causing the price to retreat.

Conversely, the support level is established around $1.2441 acted as a strong foundation for the price, preventing drops and signaling a consolidation point where buyers have previously stepped in to drive the price back up. This support line is crucial for maintaining the current price range of SAFE.

SAFE/USD 4-Hr Price Chart (source: TradingView)

Should Safe break above the resistance level, it might indicate a bullish trend gaining strength, possibly leading to higher prices. However, if the price falls below the support level, it could suggest a bearish outlook, prompting further declines. 

Safe (SAFE) Price Prediction 2025

Based on projections for 2025, Safe’s price is anticipated to start at a low of $3.13. Over the course of the year, the price might rise to a high of $3.77, with an expected average price around $3.22.

Safe (SAFE) Price Prediction 2026

Our comprehensive analysis of historical price data for Safe indicates that in 2026, the price is expected to maintain a minimum of $4.56. The maximum price could escalate to $5.40, with the average price throughout the year anticipated to be around $4.72.

Safe (SAFE) Price Prediction 2027

Based on forecasts, in 2027, the minimum price of Safe is expected to be approximately $6.69. It could achieve a maximum price of $7.91, with an average trading price likely to hover around $6.93 for the year.

Safe (SAFE) Price Prediction 2028

Our analysis suggests that in 2028, the price of Safe is projected to start at a minimum of $9.79. The price may peak at a maximum of $11.71, with an expected average trading price around $10.06 throughout the year.

Safe (SAFE) Price Prediction 2029

For 2029, it is anticipated that the price of Safe will start at a low of $14.26. Over the year, it might climb to a high of $17.23, with the average price expected to be approximately $14.77.

Safe (SAFE) Price Prediction 2030

According to our price forecast and technical analysis, by 2030, Safe is expected to have a minimum price of $21.35. It could potentially rise to a maximum of $24.64, with the average price throughout the year projected to be around $22.09.

Safe (SAFE) Price Prediction 2032

Our projections for 2032 indicate that the price of Safe is expected to bottom out at $42.78. The price may escalate to a maximum of $51.32, with an average trading price estimated at $43.99 throughout the year.

Safe (SAFE) Price Prediction 2040

By 2040, it is forecasted that the price of Safe will range between a minimum of $242.62 and a maximum of $520.34, with an average trading price expected to be approximately $384.72.

Safe (SAFE) Price Prediction 2050

Our forecast for Safe in 2050 suggests that the price could start at a minimum of $900.56. It has the potential to reach a maximum of $1,303, with the average trading price throughout the year expected to be around $1,138.


What is Safe (SAFE)?

Safe (SAFE) is a cryptocurrency focusing on security and privacy, utilizing advanced encryption and blockchain technology to facilitate secure, anonymous transactions.

How do you buy Safe (SAFE)?

To buy Safe (SAFE), create an account on a cryptocurrency exchange that lists SAFE, deposit funds, and then purchase SAFE through the exchange’s trading platform.

Is Safe (SAFE) a good investment?

Safe (SAFE) has promising tech for enterprise blockchain interoperability, but it’s a speculative investment as with any crypto. Coin Edition predicts that SAFE tokens could reach a high of $51.32 by 2032.

What is SAFE’s all-time high?

Safe (SAFE) reached its all-time high of $4.01 on Apr 23, 2024.

Will SAFE reach $50 soon?

Safe (SAFE) is predicted to exceed $50 by 2030 end.

What is the circulating supply of SAFE?

As of the latest data, the circulating supply of Safe (SAFE) is approximately 426,815,046 SAFE.

Will SAFE surpass its current ATH?

Our analysis suggests that Safe (SAFE) could continue to rise, surpassing ATH by 2026.

What is the lowest price of SAFE?

The lowest price of Safe (SAFE) was approximately $1.21, reached on Jul 05, 2024.

Who is the founder of SAFE?

Lukas Schor is the co-founder of SAFE, formerly known as Gnosis Safe.

Which year was SAFE launched?

Safe (SAFE) was launched in 2018 as an internal project at Gnosis before becoming an independent ecosystem through a spin-off.

How do I store SAFE?

The safest way to store SAFE is using self-custody cold storage wallet, such as a hardware wallet or paper wallet, which keeps your assets offline and secure.

What will the price of SAFE be in 2024?

The price of SAFE is forecasted to hit the $2.10 zone in 2024.

What will the price of SAFE be in 2025?

There is a possibility of SAFE reaching a maximum value of $3.77 by 2025.

What will the price of SAFE be in 2026?

By 2026, SAFE’s valuation might ascend to a peak of $5.40.

What will the price of SAFE be in 2027?

Looking ahead to 2027, SAFE is expected to achieve a maximum valuation of up to $7.91.

What will the price of SAFE be in 2028?

Our analysis projects that in 2028, the price of SAFE could reach a maximum of $11.71.

What will the price of SAFE be in 2029?

Forecasts indicate that by 2029, SAFE could have a maximum price point of $17.23.

What will the price of SAFE be in 2030?

Looking towards 2030, our analysis suggests the maximum value of the SAFE token ascends to $24.64.

What will the price of SAFE be in 2032?

It is projected that SAFE’s maximum valuation will hit an apex price of $51.32 by 2032.

What will the price of SAFE be in 2040?

Analysis indicate that by 2040, SAFE could have a maximum price point of $520.34.

What will the price of SAFE be in 2050?

Our forecast for Safe in 2050 suggests that the price has the potential to reach a maximum of $1,303.

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