Scroll Introduces Loyalty Program, Excludes China and U.S. Users

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Scroll Introduces Loyalty Program, Excludes China and U.S. Users
  • Scroll Sessions Loyalty Program excludes Chinese and U.S. users, marking a rare ban.
  • Scroll marks reward active engagement, bridging assets in the Scroll ecosystem.
  • Retroactive Scroll mark allocation honors early adopters, fostering community engagement.

Wu Blockchain took to the X platform to report that Scroll, Ethereum’s Layer 2 (L2) network, has introduced Scroll Sessions, a loyalty program designed to reward community engagement. However, a notable exclusion has emerged in the program’s terms: users from China and the United States are ineligible to participate, marking a rare instance of such a ban targeting Chinese users.

Scroll Sessions promises to be a dynamic platform, offering rewards in the form of Scroll Marks for active participation and engagement within the Scroll ecosystem. The program kicks off with Session Zero, where users can earn Scroll Marks by bridging assets to Scroll. The initiative aims to foster inclusivity, entertainment, and interaction among the Scroll community, with plans to introduce additional sessions and features in the near future.

From its initial Mainnet launch in October 2023, Scroll has been experiencing an increase in the number of applications which span decentralized finance (DeFi) and social platforms, among others. The zkEVM L2 infrastructure of the platform is seen as a foundation for emerging applications, which will deliver breakthrough functionality never seen before within the blockchain space.

To qualify for Session Zero, participants are required to bridge Ethereum (ETH) and wstETH via the native bridge, along with STONE using LayerZero to Scroll. Notably, no further transactions or actions are necessary for Session Zero eligibility, although future sessions will introduce additional assets and earning opportunities.

Moreover, Scroll aims to recognize and reward early adopters who have been instrumental in shaping the platform since its inception. There are plans underway to develop a user-friendly interface for Scroll community members, allowing them to easily monitor their Scroll Marks across different sessions. This improvement aims to promote transparency and increase engagement within the ecosystem.

In financial terms, the Ethereum price stands at $2,966.72, reflecting a 24-hour trading volume of $18,205,872,741. Despite a 4.08% decrease in the past day, Ethereum maintains a substantial market cap of $356,220,089,296, with a circulating supply of 120,072,117 ETH coins.

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