Sei to Become Top L1? Ambition Revealed in Co-founder Interview 

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Sei to Become Top L1? Ambition Revealed in Co-founder Interview
  • Sei’s co-founder Jay Jog explained how the blockchain edges Ethereum and Solana. 
  • The founder explained Sei’s high speed, and how EVM makes it an attractive option for developers. 
  • The Sei v2 upgrade is expected to pull more developers to the network.

In a new interview with cryptocurrency YouTuber Anthony Pompliano, Sei Labs co-founder Jay Jog highlighted what makes Sei’s layer-1 blockchain unique compared to its competitors. 

According to the founder, Sei’s EVM Parallelisation sets it apart from other layer-1 networks. Specifically, the infrastructure allows the blockchain to retain its high transaction speeds while also letting developers use the EVM. 

Jog explained that while Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) is a landmark technology, it was not built with scaling in mind. On the other hand, Jog said Solana scales blockchains to support greater thoroughput. Piecing this together, the founder said the ultimate aim for Sei is to scale EVMs as Solana did.  

Furthermore, Jog pointed to the Sei v2 upgrade as a catalyst that will pull more developers to the network. As noted in the video, the upgrade will remove the barriers for those looking to deploy DeFi protocols on its blockchain. 

With over $57 billion worth of DeFi deposits on Ethereum, the founder stated that the upgrade could pull developers from Ethereum to Sei. Those looking to transition will welcome the upgrade, which allows Ethereum developers to switch to Sei without having to reconfigure their code. 

In the next couple of years, Jog said Sei has the potential to be one of the bigger layer-1 blockchains. Meanwhile, the layer-1 blockchain, which prides itself as the fastest of any around, is one of the projects that has caught the crypto community’s attention since last year. 

Data from CoinMarketCap shows SEI ticked up marginally in the last 24 hours. In the previous seven days, the token added a 5.09% gain to its value. At the time of press, SEI is exchanging hands at $0.6319.

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