SHIB Fans Want ETF: Petition Nears Goal, Grayscale Silent

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SHIB Fans Want ETF: Petition Nears Goal, Grayscale Silent
  • Shiba Inu community nears 10k signatures for an ETF petition, driven by SHIB BPP and influential figures like Heber Mayen.
  • Despite surpassing initial expectations, Grayscale Investments remains silent on SHIB ETF, leaving enthusiasts eager for a response.
  • Advocates stress the necessity of a SHIB ETF, citing Google Trends data and potential benefits for SHIB’s stability and adoption.

The Shiba Inu community is closing in on a major milestone: 10,000 signatures for a Shiba Inu ETF petition. Led by figures like Heber Mayen, the campaign has gained significant traction in just 58 days, needing only 300 more signatures to reach its ambitious goal.

Since its inception, the SHIB BPP initiative and other dedicated supporters have relentlessly rallied for signatures, urging fellow community members to participate in the drive. The petition, addressed to Grayscale Investments CEO, Michael Sonnenshein, aims to draw attention to the demand for an ETF specifically tailored for Shiba Inu.

With over 9,700 signatures, the campaign has surpassed its initial target of 1,000 set for February 26. Notably, the past week has seen a spike in support, with 140 new signatories. Despite the community’s efforts, Grayscale Investments has remained mum, leaving enthusiasts anxiously awaiting a response. Grayscale is a major player in the cryptocurrency ETF space, having launched successful Bitcoin and Ethereum ETFs.

Grayscale does not currently offer SHIB ETFs, which has led supporters to stress on the importance of having one. Proponents believe a regulated and accessible ETF could boost SHIB’s stability and drive mainstream adoption. They point to Google Trends data as evidence of SHIB’s popularity and demand.

In light of these developments, the Shiba Inu community has remained optimistic about the potential for their efforts to gain recognition and influence. The proximity to the 10,000 signature milestone underscores the strong support for the initiative and the growing investor interest in Shiba Inu.

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