South Korea’s Metaverse Cities and NFT Citizenship Fascinate Users

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  • South Korea’s Seongnam City to recreate the city in the metaverse.
  • Citizenships for the metaverse city will be provided through NFTs.
  • Operations in the virtual city will initiate by June 2023.

South Korea’s 12th most populated city, Seongnam has decided to recreate the entire city in the metaverse and has announced plans to provide citizenships to its residents through NFTs.

According to a published announcement from YNA, a Korean local news outlet , the NFT citizenships will also provide access to municipal information.

Moreover, Seongnam aims to conclude the service plans by April 2023, and begin operations within the virtual ecosystem by May or June 2023.

Seongnam has a population of almost one million residents, hence NFT citizenships work perfectly to promote the metaverse among the people. The city government stated more news and updates on the metaverse and NFTs will arrive in October when the upcoming meeting is hosted.

However, Seongnam is not the first city to launch a metaverse city. South Korea’s capital city Seoul is venturing into a closed test run of the first stage of “Metaverse Seoul.”

The test run will allow participants to engage in interactive games and activities, during the virtual reconstruction of Seoul city hall and the Seoul Plaza. Featuring a virtual counseling room for the South Korean youth, Seoul will assign mentors in the metaverse to address young adults’ concerns, that may be uncomfortable for the youngsters to express in person.

Seoul also plans to include digital services for citizens, various document proofs, and a metaverse complaint center with a live chat facility. In addition, the initial stage will introduce 3200 participants from the city’s online learning platform and experts from Seoul IT Tech Governance Group, Seoul Learn.

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