SPACE ID Price Prediction 2024-2030: Will ID Price Hit $5 Soon? 

Last Updated:
  • The bullish ID price prediction ranges from $0.7513 to $0.853.
  • Analysis suggests that ID price might also reach $1.398 in 2024.
  • ID’s bearish market price prediction for 2024 is $0.17663.

It is evident from the interaction of the community that the demand for Web3 is rising. To meet this demand, SPACE ID was formed with the aim of becoming a universal name service network for decentralized identity and various Web3 name services. These decentralized identities, as claimed by SPACE ID, could be used across multiple dApps and blockchain networks. 

ID is the governance token of SPACE ID, enabling the community to partake in the decision-making process of the network. The ID token was built to help in the growth and sustainability of the SPACE ID ecosystem.

Moreover, the community has taken a keen interest in ID since its launch. However, it still remains a question regarding SPACE ID’s future as time moves forward.

If you are curious about SPACE ID and its price forecast and analysis for 2024, 2025, 2026, 2027, 2028, and up to 2050, keep reading this Coin Edition’s price prediction article. 

SPACE ID Market Overview

💱 Symbol ID
🏅 Rank #179
💲 Price $0.403938144534
📊 Price Change (1h) -0.62 %
📊 Price Change (24h) 5.5 %
📊 Price Change (7d) 10.58 %
💵 Market Cap $260028594.024
💸 Circulating Supply 643733694.236 ID
💰 Total Supply 1995442028.57 ID

SPACE ID (ID) is currently trading at $0.403938144534 and sits at number #179 on CoinMarketCap in terms of market capitalization. There are 643733694.236 ID coins currently in circulation, bringing the total market cap to $260028594.024.

Over the past 24 hours, SPACE ID has increased by 5.5%. Looking at the last week, the coin is up by 10.58%.

What is SPACE ID?

SPACE ID was formed to act as a universal name service network to meet the rising demands for decentralized identity and various Web3 name services. These decentralized identities could be used across multiple dApps and blockchain networks and have proven to be an essential key factor for the revolutionary Web3 age.

ID is the governance token of SPACE ID, enabling the community to partake in the decision-making process of the network. As the native token of the SPACE ID ecosystem, ID has three functions, such as staking, payments, and governance. The ID token was built to help in the growth and sustainability of the SPACE ID ecosystem. 

SPACE ID is a one-stop web3 domain and identity platform, enabling users to discover, register, trade, and manage web3 domains. As explained by SPACE ID, this name service network will also include a web3 name SDK and API for developers, along with a multi-chain name service. 

Space IDs is powered by an ad hoc blockchain called “Lucas,” allowing users to easily bridge and store data across various chains. Moreover, the SPACE ID protocol supports multiple top-level domains (TLDs) such as ‘.eth,’ ‘.bnb,’ and ‘.arb’ and enables the community to launch their very own custom TLDs.

The Space ID DAO will be utilized to govern its protocol and platform. The native token of the SPACE ID ecosystem, ID, can be used for staking, payments, and governance. Moreover, ID helps users navigate and take advantage of the various features of the SPACE ID ecosystem and easily manage their digital identities.

SPACE ID Current Market Status

ID is currently ranked in the 195th position based on its market capitalization, according to CoinMarketCap. The current circulating supply of SPACE ID’s native token is 467,245,041 ID, while its total supply is 1,996,383,931 ID. 

SPACE ID 7-day Chart Source: CoinMarketCap

Moreover, ID is priced at $0.4853, observing a 75.54% spike in one day. With a market cap of $226,700,171, ID also witnessed a 4.23% tumble in 24 hours. It was observed that ID had a huge demand initially. Additionally, it seems that the demand for ID may have increased as the trading volume was valued at $349,004,785, after a spike of 48.47% over the one-day period.

Some of the crypto exchanges for trading ID are currently Binance, KuCoin, Bybit,, OKX, and Huobi. However, traders should note that, over time, ID could be available across many other top crypto exchanges.

Now, let’s dive further and discuss the price analysis of SPACE ID’s native token, ID, for 2024.

SPACE ID Price Analysis

After SPACE ID became popular during its launch, its native token faced a fall. However, will SPACE ID’s new developments in its ecosystem and protocol create a surge in ID’s price in 2024? Read more to find out about the SPACE ID 2024 price analysis.

SPACE ID Price Analysis – Bollinger Bands

The Bollinger Bands are a technical analysis tool that is used to analyze price movement and volatility. Bollinger Bands (BB) utilize the time period and the standard deviation of the price. Normally, the default value of BB’s period is set at 20. The upper band of the BB is calculated by adding 2 times the standard deviations to the Simple Moving Average (SMA), while the lower band is calculated by subtracting 2 times the standard deviation from the SMA. Based on the empirical law of standard deviation, 95% of the data sets will fall within the two standard deviations of the mean. 

ID/USDT 1-day Chart Showing Bollinger Bands (Source: TradingView)

IDs chart highlights that the altcoin’s market was very volatile, as seen through the expanding bands. If the trend was bearish during the highly volatile market, it was observed that the prices would plummet even deeper, reaching a new critical support point. 

As a part of the natural economic process, the bands contracted, further indicating that the volatility of the market is reducing. After reaching a somewhat stable market, the traders may start the selling activity, forming red candlesticks on the chart. In most of the trading scenarios, the volatility increased due to sudden trading activity or a sudden trend change.

Similar to several altcoins, when the overall crypto market became bullish, ID also formed positive candlesticks on the chart. From mid-October to mid January, we can observe that the candlesticks touched the upper band of the Bollinger bands several times. 

ID/USDT 1-day Chart Showing Bollinger Bands (Source: TradingView)

The BBWP has also touched 100%, signaling that the bands have expanded to their maximum. As such, traders could expect that the bands would contract soon. Ideally, traders could also expect a retracement after experiencing a massive surge in just one day. 

SPACE ID Price Analysis – Relative Strength Index (RSI)

The Relative Strength Index (RSI) is a momentum indicator utilized to find out the current trend of the price movement and determine if it is in the oversold or overbought region. Traders often use this tool to make decisions about when to buy or sell the tokens. When the RSI is often valued below or at 30, it is considered an oversold region, and a price correction could happen soon. Moreover, when the RSI is valued above or at 70, it is regarded as an overbought region, and traders expect the price to fall soon.

ID/USDT 1-day Chart Showing RSI (Source: TradingView)

So far, the RSI has reached the oversold region twice during the bearish market sentiment. In both of those scenarios, the RSi was able to immediately climb up and escape from the oversold region, giving ID the opportunity to correct its value. After crossing below the critical support line and falling to the weak support line, ID began growing in value.

The bullish cross noticed in the RSI further confirmed that the prices were going to keep climbing up. After the candlesticks hit the oversold region, the altcoin retraced and continued to test the barrier line, valued at 70. Finally, the buyer’s excitement, as evidently seen, pushed the candlestick and indicator to an extreme positive value. 

Currently, the RSI continues to stay in the overbought region; however, at the same time, traders are also expecting the indicator and the price to drop in value. This is the natural reaction observed in the market. 

SPACE ID Price Analysis – Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD)

The Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD) indicator can be used to identify potential price trends, momentums, and reversals in markets. MACD will make the reading of a moving average cross easier. The MACD indicator is calculated by subtracting the long-term EMA (Exponential Moving Average) indicator from the short-term EMA. Normally, the default values for the MACD are set at 12-day EMA, 26-day EMA, and 9-day EMA. Moreover, MACD is considered a lagging indicator as it cannot provide trade signals without any past price data. MACD plays an important role, as it can confirm trends and identify potential reversals.

ID/USDT 1-Day Chart Showing MACD (Source: TradingView)

In the above chart, ID, before its massive surge, had initially shown signs of a downtrend as the candlestick fell below the 50 SMA. Additionally, the MACD line formed a bearish cross with the signal line, another bearish signal. Finally, the red bars on the histogram also highlighted the presence of the bears. 

In an expected move, the positive candlestick, which grew over 100%, completely changed the trend of the altcoin in a short-term span. Currently, the candlesticks remain above the 50 SMA, with green bars forming on the histogram. While a possible retracement is expected, the short-term period indicator highlights a positive trend in the current market.

SPACE ID Price Prediction 2024-2030 Overview      

YearMinimum PriceAverage PriceMaximum Price

SPACE ID Price Prediction 2024

ID/USDT 1-Day Chart  (Source: TradingView

At a specific time period, the point at which high trading activity was observed was at $0.28025. This could be one of the anchor points for ID in the upcoming trading session. It should also be noted that the extreme price surge was also observed in the past, when ID crossed above the $1 mark. 

In the previous massive price surge, the altcoin also faced retracement, pulling it back below $1. The bearish market sentiment may have affected the prices negatively, making ID’s value drop. By mid-August, 2023, the prices of the altcoin dropped to a level even below its critical support zone and touched its weak support level at $0.179.

Before ID could face any damages, the buyers managed to rally and support the altcoin, pushing it across several levels of weak resistance. This push, initiated by the buyers, helped ID stay above the critical support line. It seems that the bullish sentiment also created a positive effect, helping ID to increase in value. 

After breaking several weak resistance levels, ID began to show signals of a bearish sentiment as its value dropped in mid-January 2024. While some traders were bracing for the altcoin to fall even deeper, ID formed a massive candlestick, which had over a 100% surge. 

ID/USDT 1-Day Chart  (Source: TradingView

There may be a chance that $0.43772 could also become a prominent support level if the traders selling activity is not high. However, it is still too early to decide if the candlesticks will hold their position at the $0.43772 level. If it does, ID has a huge chance of crossing the $1 mark with the buyer’s help. On the other hand, ID’s support still remains at $0.2415.

SPACE ID Price Prediction 2025

ID could still experience the after-effects of the Bitcoin halving and is expected to trade above its 2024 price. Many trade analysts speculate that BTC halving could create a huge impact on the crypto market. Moreover, similar to many altcoins, ID will continue to rise in 2025, forming new resistance levels. It is expected that ID would trade beyond the $1.938 level.

SPACE ID Price Prediction 2026

It is expected that after a long period of bull runs, the bears will come into power and start negatively impacting the cryptocurrencies. During this bearish sentiment, ID could tumble into its support region of $0.982. However, when ID remains in the oversold region, there could be a price correction soon. ID, by the end of 2026, could be trading beyond the $2.020 resistance level after experiencing the price correction.

SPACE ID Price Prediction 2027

Naturally, traders expect bullish market sentiment after the crypto industry was affected negatively by the bears’ claw. ID is expected to rise after its slumber in the bear season. Moreover, ID could even break more resistance levels as it continues to recover from the bearish run. Therefore, ID is expected to trade at $2.769 by the end of 2027.

SPACE ID Price Prediction 2028

Once again, the crypto community is looking forward to this year, as there will be a Bitcoin halving. Like many altcoins, ID will continue to form new higher highs and is expected to move in an upward trajectory. Hence, ID would be trading at $5.022 after experiencing a massive surge by the end of 2028. 

SPACE ID Price Prediction 2029

2029 is expected to be another bull run due to the aftermath of the BTC halving. However, traders speculate that the crypto market will gradually become stable by this year. In tandem with the stable market sentiment and the slight price surge expected after the aftermath, ID could be trading at $5.176 by the end of 2029.

SPACE ID Price Prediction 2030

After witnessing a bullish run in the market, ID and many altcoins would show signs of consolidation and might trade sideways for some time, while experiencing minor spikes. Therefore, by the end of 2030, ID could be trading at $6.051.

SPACE ID Price Prediction 2040

The long-term forecast for ID indicates that this altcoin could reach a new all-time high (ATH). This would be one of the key moments, as HOLDERS may expect to sell some of their tokens at the ATH point. However, ID may face a slight fall before starting its upward journey once again. It is expected that the average price of ID could reach $20.87 by 2040.

SPACE ID Price Prediction 2050 

The community believes that there will be widespread adoption of cryptocurrencies, which could maintain gradual bullish gains. By the end of 2050, if the bullish momentum is maintained, ID could surpass the resistance level of $40.05.


To conclude, we could expect ID to reach $1.2 in 2023 if it experiences an extremely bullish market condition and investors show optimistic behavior towards altcoins. Meanwhile, Coin Edition’s price prediction article shows that ID may trade at a new level of $40.05 in 2050.


What is SPACE ID?

SPACE ID was formed to act as a universal name service network to meet the rising demands for decentralized identity and various Web3 name services. These decentralized identities could be used across multiple dApps and blockchain networks and have proven to be an essential key factor for the revolutionary Web3 age.

How do I buy ID tokens?

ID can be traded on many exchanges, such as Binance, KuCoin, Bybit,, OKX, and Huobi.

Will ID surpass its present ATH?

ID has a low possibility of surpassing its present all-time high (ATH) price of $1.03 in 2024.

How do I store ID?

ID can be stored in a cold wallet, a hot wallet, or an exchange wallet.

What will be the ID price in 2024?

ID is expected to reach $1.398 by 2024.

What will be the ID price in 2025?

ID is expected to reach $1.938  by 2025.

What will be the ID price in 2026?

ID is expected to reach $2.020 by 2026.

What will be the ID price in 2027?

ID is expected to reach $2.769 by 2027.

What will be the ID price in 2028?

ID is expected to reach $5.022 by 2028.

What will be the ID price in 2029?

ID is expected to reach $5.176 by 2029.

What will be the ID price in 2030?

ID is expected to reach $6.051 by 2030.

What will be the ID price in 2040?

ID is expected to reach $20.87 by 2040.

What will be the ID price in 2050?

ID is expected to reach $40.05 by 2050.

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