STEPN (GMT) Price Surges As Bullish Activity Takes Hold

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STEPN GMT Price Surges
  • The GMT value has leveled up to $0.3982 in the past 24 hours due to the bullish pressure.
  • STEPN price analysis is up by a whopping 0.45% as the bullish activity takes hold.
  • The support level for the cryptocurrency is still strong at the $0.3973 mark.

The latest STEPN price analysis is on the bullish side, as it is showing a slight price improvement today. The buying pressure is still quite strong, with the price staying above the $0.39 mark, indicating that the buying pressure is still strong. At the time of writing, STEPN is trading at 0.3982 USD, with an increase of 0.45 percent in the past 24 hours.

GMT USD daily price chart
GMT/USD daily price chart: Coinmarket cap

The bullish trend is expected to continue in the near future as more investors are getting attracted to the cryptocurrency due to its high potential. The resistance level for the cryptocurrency is at $0.4178, which will be challenging to break as the buying pressure has decreased slightly. If a bearish activity takes over the market, then the price of STEPN will likely fall toward the support level of $0.3973.

Cryptocurrencies price heat map
Cryptocurrencies price heat map, Source: Coin360

Most cryptocurrencies today are in the green as the market sentiments continue to be positive. The overall cryptocurrency market is currently gaining momentum as more investors are entering the market. The top coins are also performing well, with Bitcoin, Ethereum, and XRP gaining positive traction in the market. However, some of the coins are in red due to market volatility and the overall sentiment in the market.

The circulating supply of STEPN is currently at 600,000,000 GMT. The market capitalization has seen a slight increase over the past 24 hours and currently stands at $241 million, making it stand at No.139 according to market cap. However, the trading volume of the cryptocurrency has decreased slightly in the past 24 hours, as it currently stands at $74 million.

The daily technical indicators are also trending positively as the MACD is surging, showing that the bulls are dominating the market. The signal line is also above the MACD line, indicating that the bullish momentum is still strong. The Relative Strength Index is in the neutral zone at 50.61, indicating that there is still a lot of upside potential for the price.

GMT/USD 1-day price chart
GMT/USD 1-day price chart: TradingView

The volatility has been increasing continuously in the past few hours, with the upper Bollinger Band at $0.4613, which will provide strong resistance in the near term if bulls move further. The lower Bollinger Band is currently at $0.2911, which will act as strong support if bears try to dominate the market.

Overall, STEPN has been on a positive trend, and more investors are getting attracted to the cryptocurrency due to its high potential soon. The bullish momentum looks strong, with no signs of a pullback. The technical indicators are also positive, indicating that the bulls dominate the market.

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