SushiSwap CEO Requests Community’s Input On New SUSHI Tokenomics

Last Updated:
  • SushiSwap CEO Jared Grey proposed a new tokenomics for SUSHI via its community forum. 
  • Grey emphasized that the new framework will scale through DEX innovations.
  • Wu Blockchain tweets SUSHI’s primary revenue sources, which include income from trade fees.

SushiSwap CEO Jared Grey recently released a redesigned tokenomics for the new SUSHI model via its community forum. The thoroughly revamped in-house SUSHI token economics is revamped to foster its stronghold in the protocol’s ongoing success.

In the forum, Grey calls for its community’s response to their proposal, which detailed the new token model’s triumvirate of foundations. The pillars are as follows: protocol sustainability, token utility enhancement, and treasury diversification.

It’s worth noting that Grey previously accentuated the essence of executing a holistic tokenomics that permits the rebuilding of the Treasury. Subsequently, he emphasized that the proposed SUSHI framework is designed to scale strategically through decentralized exchange innovations. The proposal will include modified fees for trading, routing, staking, and partnerships.

In parallel, Wu Blockchain, a popular cryptocurrency and blockchain media outlet, highlighted that Sushi’s primary revenue sources are transactions in liquidity pools and income from trade fees via Aggregation Router. The potential for revenue growth is also present through staking rewards and strategic partnerships.

Grey also underscored the conquests of the MasterChef and xSushi protocols since their launch. In turn, he acknowledged several issues within their current token and addressed them.

SushiSwap, a fork of Uniswap, is an automated market maker (AMM) DEX platform. It seeks to integrate additional components into the AMM industry that were not previously available on Uniswap. It includes improved rewards for network participants via its in-house token, SUSHI.

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