Top Analyst Pinpoints 12 Tokens with Potential For 10x in the Next Four Months

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  • Analyst Crypto Scofield argues Injective (INJ) will set a new $350 peak by July.
  • He also sees FET soaring to $22 from $2.5 within the same time range.
  • Other cited tokens with the potential for a remarkable comeback include VET, FLOKI, FTM, and RNDR.

A notable Bitcoin analyst using the pseudonym “Crypto Scofield” on X has issued daring price projections for various tokens, noting they are attainable within the next four months. Crypto Scofield’s commentary comes amid the recent price collapse in the market induced by Bitcoin.

Encouraging participants in the crypto market to seize buying opportunities during downturns, he outlined his short-term objectives for 12 coins. He anticipates these coins will demonstrate remarkable price rebounds in the next three to four months following recent declines.

At the forefront of the list is Bitcoin (BTC), with Crypto Scofield projecting a surge to $150,000. This forecast suggests a potential 125% increase, considering BTC’s current price of $66,400.

Following closely is (FET), which the analyst predicts will reach $22 in the short term. This target signifies almost tenfold growth, given FET’s current trading price of $2.5. Notably, FET has been a standout performer this bull season, soaring by over 544% since last November.

Another token for which the analyst projects nearly ten-fold growth was Injective (INJ), which established a new all-time high at $52.75 eight days ago. In particular, Crypto Scofield expects INJ to continue its momentum and rally even to $350 by July. 

Meanwhile, some market participants have contested this $350 target as they consider it overambitious. Notably, INJ has witnessed a staggering 787.65% gain since last year. The recent dip has brought its price to around $37.39.

Furthermore, Crypto Scofield is also extremely bullish about Oasis Network (ROSE) and COTI tokens, which currently hover around $0.14 and $0.19, respectively. The analyst believes a $1 target for both assets by July is realistic.

Additionally, the analyst considers the FLOKI meme coin’s potential to attain $0.005 in four months. Notably, FLOKI is one of the best-performing meme coins this season, growing by over 600% in the last 30 days.

Other coins Crypto Scofield has identified with the potential for a remarkable comeback in the short term during this recent dip are VeChain (VET), Fantom (FTM), OCEAN, Render (RNDR), and Zignaly (ZIG).

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