Trending Memecoin $MEEK Set to Explode Before the Next Bull Run?

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Trending Memecoin $MEEK Set to Explode Before the Next Bull Run Press Release

Memecoins have a collective market capitalization of $65 billion with extreme volatility, but lately, with double-digit price hikes and earning their backers handsome profits.

Here are the top 5 memecoins to watch before the next memecoin season.


No wonder people have placed MAGA at the top of the memecoin watchlist, inspired by the 45th President of the United States. MAGA rose to a bullish run in mid-May following news that Trump was leading in the polls of five out of six swing states: Pennsylvania, Arizona, Michigan, Georgia, and Nevada.

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The conviction of ex-President Donald Trump of the US in a hush money trial, however, brought some volatility to the token’s price recently. The token did recover to hit a new all-time high of over $17 on June 1. Shortly after that, though, it headed south and is currently trading at around $13.20.


BODEN, the Joe Biden inflated memecoin, is based on the current President of the United States. The token launched in March and rallied to an all-time high of $1 and is now at $0.25, but this token is one to keep an eye on, as political events like this have historically moved memecoin prices.

Brett (BRETT)

BRETT has maintained its enviable position as one of the best-performing memecoins in the market of late. Its valuation rose by 180%, according to a monthly scale.

Well, the asset made headlines when its market capitalization crossed the $1 billion mark. Its image positioned it as the seventh biggest memecoin in the market. Therefore, you should put the asset on your watchlist to see whether its bull run will continue.

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Popcat (POPCAT)

Popcat is a cat memecoin that launched last December but started to gain some spotlight in March 2024. The POPCAT peak was at the beginning of May, when its price was almost $0.65, while the market cap pumped above $600 million. 

Now at $0.6109, many popular figures and crypto influencers have hyped it, which might be the catalyst for a new upsurge in price.

Meeky Mouse ($MEEK)

Meeky Mouse, the Solana-based AI memecoin, is garnering huge momentum due to its intrinsic approach to memes and AI. This means the project will add it’s native token, $MEEK, with a total supply of 10 trillion tokens and will give them out to all users upon each interaction and support in its community and across social media.

Besides building on the Solana blockchain, the Meeky Mouse project uniquely approaches the community with regular giveaways and airdrops that keep it booming and supportive. Further adding value to the token, it also proposes staking rewards and farming for the $MEEK token holders in the future.

MeekyCoin Memecoin

It places Meeky Mouse in a very special position with its meme culture, AI integration, and compelling community focus to make waves within the crypto space. 

Creators make memecoins for fun with a community focus, often drawing inspiration from a character or influence from a well-known figure.

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