Upgraded Dashboard Tools Elevate BlockDAG to New Heights Beyond XLM Price and Worldcoin (WLD) News, Promising 30,000x ROI

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Upgraded Dashboard Tools Elevate BlockDAG to New Heights Beyond XLM Price and Worldcoin (WLD) News, Promising 30,000x ROI Press Release

BlockDAG (BDAG) captures attention with its cutting-edge dashboard tools and exceptional mining capabilities. Offering a 30,000x ROI potential, BlockDAG is emerging as the best new crypto to buy. Its comprehensive dashboard includes real-time rank tracking, wallet management, transaction history, and referral bonuses.

The X30 miner, boasting a 280 GH/s hash rate, significantly enhances mining efficiency. Starting from Batch 1 at $0.001, BlockDAG’s presale has reached Batch 13 at $0.008, raising over $28.5 million from selling 9.3 billion BDAG. This positions BlockDAG as a formidable contender, surpassing the current XLM price and Worldcoin (WLD) news.

XLM price: Advancing Stellar’s Network & Smart Contract Capabilities

Stellar’s Testnet has made significant strides with the upgrade to Protocol 21, enhancing its smart contract capabilities. This development could greatly impact the XLM price, particularly within the decentralized finance (DeFi) sector. Validators on Stellar’s public network are set to decide on this upgrade on June 18, 2024.

If approved, it will activate five new Core Advancement Proposals (CAPs) on Stellar’s Mainnet, positioning Stellar alongside major protocols like Filecoin, EOS, and Chainlink. Despite the current XLM trading at $0.103, this upgrade could lead to substantial long-term benefits.

Worldcoin’s Privacy Pivot and Strategic Expansion

Worldcoin (WLD) news highlights the foundation’s major security upgrade, with the deletion of iris codes as part of its commitment to user privacy. This move aims to establish a new benchmark in data security, particularly for biometric data.

The foundation has developed a new system based on secure multi-party computation (SMPC), enhancing data protection by distributing a single secret across multiple parties. This advancement comes amid scrutiny from regulatory bodies and aims to strengthen Worldcoin’s privacy measures.

BlockDAG: The Future of Cryptocurrency Investment X30 Miner Glimpse

Thanks to its innovative dashboard and robust mining capabilities, BlockDAG is rapidly gaining traction in the cryptocurrency market. The dashboard offers a comprehensive suite of tools for managing and tracking transactions, rankings, and referrals. Users are greeted with the latest announcements and can easily access their rank, purchase amounts, and recent transaction details. The wallet feature allows for seamless purchases and balance checks, while the referral screen tracks bonuses earned from referral links. The leaderboard showcases the top purchasers, motivating users to climb the ranks.

BlockDAG’s mining capabilities are equally impressive. The X30 miner stands out with its 280 GH/s hash rate, tripling mining efficiency while maintaining a compact, user-friendly design. Advanced ASIC technology ensures peak performance within the BlockDAG ecosystem, making the X30 a strategic investment for new and experienced miners. Designed for scalability, the X30 enhances mining prospects and rewards, marking a new era in crypto mining.

BlockDAG’s presale has made remarkable progress, starting at Batch 1, priced at $0.001, and now in Batch 13, priced at $0.008. With over $28.5 million raised from the sale of more than 9.3 billion BDAG, the price is expected to continue rising, offering 30,000x ROI potential for investors. This combination of innovative tools and powerful mining capabilities makes BlockDAG a compelling investment opportunity in the crypto market.

Final Say

BlockDAG’s innovative features and impressive 30,000x  ROI potential make it a standout in the crypto market. The X30 miner and comprehensive dashboard tools cater to new and experienced investors, ensuring efficient management and lucrative returns.

With the presale progressing rapidly, at Batch 13 priced at $0.008, BlockDAG has already raised $28.5 million from over 9.3 billion BDAGs sold. As the best new crypto to buy, BlockDAG offers a promising investment opportunity, surpassing the XLM price and Worldcoin (WLD) news.

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