UXLINK Verified Users Surpass 5 Million with “Link To Earn” Trust Mechanism Driving Growth

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UXLINK Verified Users Surpass 5 Million with "Link To Earn" Trust Mechanism Driving Growth Press Release

UXLINK, the innovative social platform proudly announces that it has surpassed 5.01 million verified users, marking a monumental achievement in its rapid growth trajectory. This milestone comes just under three weeks after UXLINK celebrated 4 million users on March 14th.

The impressive surge in verified users underscores the effectiveness of UXLINK’s pioneering “Link To Earn” trust mechanism, which has attracted over 85,500 groups and cultivated a robust user base exceeding 6.8 million individuals, as highlighted on the official UXLINK website. Known as the “social beast” in crypto circles, UXLINK has experienced an exceptional influx of users, with nearly 100% joining through referrals from friends. This natural growth demonstrates the effectiveness of the Link To Earn mechanism, seamlessly integrating users into the network and creating a tightly interconnected community.

Building trust is a crucial challenge in the world of blockchain and decentralization. New users are often hesitant due to doubts and fears, while developers face issues like fake wallets and attacks, and even veteran players who claim to be “OGs” lose their assets from time to time to false contracts.

Bi-directional social graphs and Groups are the game-changing keys to improve trust. It is human nature that people tend to trust people they know and form consensuses in group settings. Social data is also a trustworthy way for verifications, ex. LinkedIn leverages social data to verify and confirm users’ working experiences and strengths.

UXLINK’s advancements in merging social relationships with asset monetization and introducing Web3-powered groups offer a promising solution to the trust issue. The “Acquaintance Recommendation/Link To Earn” feature facilitates mass adoption by integrating social relationships with assetization, while Web3-powered groups provide a decentralized organizational structure aligned with human nature.

The user connections and organizational structure established by UXLINK through the “Link To Earn” mechanism and “Web3-powered groups” hold significant promise for developers in the Web3 space and AI-related projects.

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