Whale Activity for AAVE, APE, COMP, IMX, LDO, MDT Spikes

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Whale Activity for AAVE, APE, COMP, IMX, LDO, MDT Spikes
  • Santiment tweeted today that multiple altcoins recorded $10 million+ in transactions.
  • The post revealed that whales transacted with AAVE, COMP, APE, IMX, LDO, and MDT.
  • Almost all of these altcoins suffered 24-hour losses, only AAVE printed a daily gain.

The blockchain intelligence firm, Santiment, revealed in a tweet earlier today that there have been many $10 million+ transactions recorded for several altcoins over the past few weeks. The post shared that Aave (AAVE), ApeCoin (APE), Compound (COMP), Immutable (IMX), Lido DAO (LDO) and Measurable Data Token (MDT) all experienced whale transactions.

At press time, CoinMarketCap indicated that almost all of these altcoins printed 24-hour losses. Only AAVE was able to print a daily gain, and was up 1.14% to trade at $63.51. In addition to strengthening against the Dollar, the cryptocurrency was also able to outperform the two market leaders Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH).

AAVE was up 0.88% against the leading cryptocurrency BTC. Similarly, AAVE was able to outshine the leading altcoin, ETH, by 0.88% as well. This meant that 1 AAVE was worth 0.002188 BTC and 0.03467 ETH.

This positive performance boosted AAVE’s collective market capitalization to $922,718,463 – ranking it as the 45th biggest cryptocurrency in terms of market cap. Furthermore, the altcoin experienced a 5.09% increase in its daily trading volume. At press time, the total 24-hour volume for AAVE was estimated to be $116,619,572 at press time.

Meanwhile, APE and COMP were down 1.67% and 8.32% respectively. Consequently, APE was changing hands at $1.78, while COMP’s price stood at $59.56 at press time. IMX and LDO suffered losses of 2.64% and 1.85% as well. As a result, IMX’s price was at $0.7487 and LDO was trading hands at $1.85.

Last but not least, MDT’s price stood at $0.0463 after it dropped 0.87% over the past 24 hours. It also weakened against ETH by 0.78% and recorded the same performance against BTC. Subsequently, 1 MDT token was worth 0.000001595 BTC and 0.0000253 ETH.

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