Will XRP 2024 Gold Coast Summit Benefit XRPL than Ripple Proper Party?

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Will XRP 2024 Gold Coast Summit Benefit XRPL than Ripple Proper Party?
  • Ripple CEO surprises the XRP community with a tattoo to celebrate legal victory.
  • Garlinghouse dismisses expectations of major announcements at the event.
  • Pro-XRP lawyer Bill Morgan expresses skepticism about the party’s significance.

While Ripple’s CEO, Brad Garlinghouse, addressed the XRP community prior to the Friday Night celebration of the XRP ruling, prominent pro-XRP lawyer Bill Morgan expressed skepticism about the significance of the party.

Just hours before the celebratory festivities kicked off, Garlinghouse gave the enthusiastic XRP community insights into what they could anticipate at the event. He emphasized that there would be no major announcements during the party, dispelling widespread community speculation. 

Garlinghouse clarified that the event’s sole purpose was to commemorate XRP’s victory in its legal battle against the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). “And as for any “announcement” that people are wondering about, tonight’s event is just a celebration,” Garlinghouse remarked.

In the midst of it all, Garlinghouse had a surprise in store for the XRP community, unveiling his latest endeavor to commemorate the significance of XRP’s victory. Garlinghouse had the XRP logo tattooed onto his right hand. 

What made this tattoo unique was that it did not simply bear the letters “XRP” but also included the date of the momentous non-security ruling by the United States court: “07 – 13 – 2023.”

Unsurprisingly, Garlinghouse’s action ignited a flurry of reactions from the XRP community and beyond. Ripple’s CTO, David Schwartz, expressed his joy at the sight, even musing that he would have considered getting a similar tattoo himself if circumstances had allowed.

Meanwhile, prominent pro-XRP lawyer Bill Morgan took a skeptical view at the XRP celebratory party. Morgan argued that the XRP 2024 Gold Coast conference would indirectly benefit the XRP Ledger ecosystem more than the Ripple Proper Party

“I can’t say why just now, but I will later if the event organizers give me permission,” he added.

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