XRP Is One of the 5 Worst Performing Crypto This Year: Crypto Analyst

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  • Mr. Huber expresses dissatisfaction with XRP’s price performance this year. 
  • The crypto sleuth said the token has shed all the gains it accumulated following the July ruling. 
  • CoinMarketCap data shows XRP’s price of $0.634 is significantly lower than the $0.826 it recorded in July.

Mr. Huber, a crypto analyst, today expressed his dissatisfaction with XRP’s price performance since the court ruling in July of this year. 

In the post shared on X (formerly Twitter), Mr. Huber tweeted that XRP’s performance has not equaled what many expected following the legal clarity on the token’s securities status. 

“It’s just the fact that xrp is literally one of the 5 worst performing of all of crypto half a year after getting ‘legal clarity’ was not on my mind either. I mean it doesn’t have to outperform it, just not being worse than ever before,” Mr. Huber tweeted. 

In an earlier tweet, the crypto analyst noted that the token has lost all the gains it made against the general market since the July ruling. Furthermore, he pointed out that the current price movement shows the token might even see a steeper fall than it did before the ruling. 

Responding, another XRP community member confirmed the worries of the crypto sleuth. While noting the disappointing performance of the token, the user remarked, “But I believe we will see the movement,” suggesting a projected upward trend in XRP’s price. 

Nonetheless, the case is expected to come to a close next year, with John Deaton downplaying the chances of Ripple paying any substantial fine. According to the lawyer, the fine, if any, would be charged on the XRP sales classified as securities. Factors such as where they were sold, and whether pecuniary harm was suffered would come into play. 

Meanwhile, XRP saw a 0.63% rise in the past 24 hours, according to CoinMarketCap data. The token’s current price of $0.634 is significantly lower than the peak price of $0.826 it recorded in July.

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