XRP Network Now Close To Welcoming Smart Contracts as Needed 10,000 Votes Achieved

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  • The XRP Army shows emphatic support for smart contract features on XRPL.
  • Over 10,000 people recently voted for Hooks integration on XRPL.
  • The Hooks team has moved to ask Ripple for technical and financial support.

The XRP community has shown emphatic support for Hooks, a blockchain seeking to establish smart contract features on the XRP Ledger (XRPL). XRPL validator Vet recently initiated a survey to gauge the XRP community’s position on integrating smart contract capabilities into XRPL through Hooks. 

The poll asked members, “Do you want Hooks, native smart contracts, on the XRP Ledger?” The survey has closed with an overwhelming majority voting in favor of Hooks.

In particular, the poll attracted 11,503 participants, with 93.6% voting “yes,” while only 6.4% selected “no.” Essentially, 10,766 people have supported the integration of smart contract-like functionalities into XRPL. 

In an earlier post, Richard Holland, the lead architect of Hooks and the CTO of XRPL Labs, disclosed that they would renew their effort for smart contract-based functionality should the community amass 10,000 votes in a poll for Hooks.

Now, as the community has reached the required landmark, Holland has moved to ask Ripple to furnish the Hooks team with technical and financial support. He noted that the team would now require assistance porting Hooks to the mainnet.

Hugo Philion, the co-founder of Flare Networks, the team developing FAsset to integrate smart contract capabilities into other chains such as the XRPL, remarked that they could provide high-quality decentralized data to dApps built using Hooks.

However, there have been persistent concerns regarding the arrival of Hooks to XRP Ledger. An X user expressed reservations, suggesting that community members who endorsed Hooks might have a limited understanding of its potential risks. However, XRPL validator Vet countered that knowing the implication is unnecessary when voting.

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