XRP Supporter Blasts Impersonator Behind Fake ETF Misinformation

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XRP Supporter Blasts Impersonator Behind Fake ETF Misinformation
  • Dark Defender has criticized those behind yesterday’s XRP price manipulation.
  • XRP jumped to $0.7503 on Monday after a piece of misinformation.
  • An impersonator of BlackRock’s managing director included XRP trust on the Delaware list of corporations website.

Dark Defender, an XRP influencer and crypto strategist, has criticized those behind a falsified listing of a BlackRock XRP ETF that surfaced online this week. In a recent post on X, the strategist expressed his displeasure toward the actors responsible, saying that he hoped they would get caught and punished.

According to Dark Defender, XRP jumped to $0.7503 on Monday after the misinformation surfaced. The price later pulled back, dropping to a level he had previously discussed with his followers, at $0.6649. Following the daily candle’s close above this level, the strategist remarked that this was good news.

He concluded that his short-term target of between $0.87 to $1.05 remains unchanged, adding “Imagine the XRP move as long as you get the ETF news”.  He believes the rumors are indicative that an XRP ETF will happen sooner or later. 

Yesterday, November 12, an impersonator of Daniel Schwieger, BlackRock’s managing director, included XRP trust on the Delaware list of corporations website. That triggered an XRP price surge, leading to the crypto token gaining 12% within 30 minutes. However, the listing was confirmed as fake following a post on X by Eric Balchunas, senior ETF analyst for Bloomberg.

The fake listing detail attached to Balchunas’ post reflected a Delaware filing showing BlackRock filed to register the “iShares XRP Trust, a precursor to launching an exchange-traded fund. In debunking the listing, Balchunas confirmed that he communicated with a BlackRock spokesperson who confirmed the information to be fake.

The ETF analyst added that he does not know the requirements to get a name on the Delaware website like the impersonator did. However, he thinks the process would be more rigorous than simply filling out a form.

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