April Crypto Calendar: Two Halving Events, CPI Data, Coinbase Suit, CZ Sentencing

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April Crypto Calendar: Two Halving Events, CPI Data, Coinbase Suit, CZ Sentencing
  • April features a lineup of pivotal events that could influence the market’s direction.
  • The first week will see the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) network undergo a halving event.
  • The final week features the much-awaited Bitcoin halving and CZ’s sentencing.

April is set to be a pivotal period for the crypto sector, marked by a lineup of eagerly anticipated events that will potentially influence the markets’ direction. Chinese reporter Colin Wu recently compiled a list containing the most crucial events in the cryptosphere. The events span regulatory shifts, network enhancements, and macroeconomic updates.

Leading the chart, the first week of April will see the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) network undergo a block reward halving on April 3. This significant event can alter the BCH ecosystem’s supply dynamics, affecting mining profitability.

Notably, the first week of April will see other events, including the delisting of specific token pairs from Binance and Coinbase. Alongside, an update on the rumored merger of top AI tokens 

Fetch.ai, Ocean Protocol, and SingularityNET will surface this week.

Meanwhile, the top event for the following week involves the March U.S. Consumer Price Index data, due by April 10. While it is not a crypto-specific event, macroeconomic data like this frequently impacts market sentiment, particularly for Bitcoin.

Furthermore, the third week of April features the deadline for the SEC and Coinbase to agree on their lawsuit arrangement. Recall that last Wednesday, the U.S. court ruled in favor of the SEC, granting permission for the filed lawsuit to proceed to trial. The ruling effectively invalidated Coinbase’s motion to dismiss the SEC’s case.

The final week of April is perhaps the most anticipated period in the crypto space, as Bitcoin is scheduled to undergo its halving between April 21 and 25. This event holds significant importance as it involves halving rewards for BTC block transactions. Historically, Bitcoin has often reached new all-time highs a few months after the halving event, as it introduces a scarcity factor to Bitcoin’s supply.

The last day of April is the scheduled date for the U.S. government’s decision on the trial of Binance founder Changpeng Zhao (CZ).

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