Beware of Two Xais: New Project Soars 2700% as Binance Lists Token XAI

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Beware of Two Xais: New Project Soars 2700% as Binance Lists Token XAI
  • Binance listed Xai (XAI) on January 9, 2024, causing a surge in its price to its all-time high.
  • Another cryptocurrency, also named Xai but with the ticker ‘X,’ experienced a massive surge of 2668.76%, trading at $0.00000000009052.
  • Investors are cautioned about the risks and urged to distinguish between the two XAIs to avoid potential scams.

Binance announced the listing of Xai (XAI) recently. The listing that happened on January 9, 2024, caused a price surge for XAI. However, amidst the excitement, investors need to exercise caution, as another cryptocurrency with the same name but a different ticker (X) experienced an astonishing surge.

Originally introduced as the 43rd Launchpool project on Binance, Xai (XAI) experienced a notable uptick in value following its listing. The token achieved an all-time high at $0.7816, signifying a 7% increase. However, the surge was short-lived, as a subsequent 16% drop brought the price down to $0.5654.

The real intrigue lies in the unintended consequences of Xai’s listing on Binance. Another cryptocurrency, bearing the same name but distinguished by the token ticker ‘X,’ saw an unprecedented surge of 2668.76%. At the time of reporting, this new XAI variant is trading at $0.00000000009052, a substantial increase from its 24-hour low of $0.000000000001089. Impressively, the token reached a peak of $0.000000000209 within the same timeframe.

Despite the remarkable surge in the new XAI’s value, investors are urged to exercise caution. Notably, the token’s 24-hour trading volume of the new XAI token stands at $5,361,140, with a significant portion originating from the MXC exchange. The complexities arising from the two XAIs underscore the need for thorough research and vigilance.

Users are urged not to confuse themselves between the two XAIs and invest in the wrong token. The doppelganger doesn’t have a verifiable social media account or team and could end up being a rug pull.

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