Fake Satoshi Exposed: Court Dismantles Craig Wright’s Bitcoin Claims

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Fake Satoshi Exposed: Court Dismantles Craig Wright's Bitcoin Claims
  • Court rejects Craig Wright’s claim as Satoshi Nakamoto.
  • Deception exposed: Fabricated documents & testimonies.
  • Sister’s testimony & expert witness support court decision.

In a landmark ruling, a British judge has definitively rejected Craig Wright’s claim to be Satoshi Nakamoto, the pseudonymous creator of Bitcoin. The decision, published by BitMEX Research under the title “COPA vs CSW,” exposes a pattern of deception by Wright throughout the legal proceedings.

Per the publication, Presiding Judge James Mellor found that Wright lied extensively throughout the trial. Wright had claimed to author the Bitcoin White Paper, create the Bitcoin system, and release the initial Bitcoin source code. 

Judge Mellor, presiding over the case, found that Wright had repeatedly lied about his involvement in Bitcoin’s creation. These fabrications included authorship of the Bitcoin whitepaper, development of the Bitcoin system, and release of the initial source code. Wright had also attempted to portray himself as a highly intelligent individual with advanced degrees, but the court uncovered a web of falsified documents and testimonies used to bolster these claims.

“Many of Dr Wright’s lies contained a grain of truth (which is sometimes said to be the mark of an accomplished liar), but there were many which did not and were outright lies. As soon as one lie was exposed. Dr Wright resorted to further lies and evasions.”

Judge Dismisses Wright’s Fabrications

The ruling details how Wright’s attempts to deceive the court included a series of misleading statements, often containing “a grain of truth,” as the published decision notes. However, the judge ultimately concluded that these were deliberate efforts to obfuscate the truth. Each exposed lie, the court found, was followed by further prevarications by Wright.

Key Evidence Undermines Wright’s Claims

The court ultimately dismissed Wright’s case based on the overwhelming evidence against him. Key factors included the testimony of his sister, Danielle DeMorgan, which failed to substantiate his claims. Notably, the judge deemed her assertion that Wright dressed as a ninja during his teenage years as irrelevant to the case.

Further supporting the court’s decision was the witness statement provided by Dr. Pieter Wuille, a prominent Bitcoin developer. Dr. Wuille’s detailed account of Bitcoin’s development proved instrumental in cross-examining Wright. The court fully accepted Dr. Wuille’s clear and uncontested testimony.

The ruling also deferred decisions on potential injunctions, which will be discussed at a future hearing. This includes the possibility of overturning a previous ruling that prevented access to the Bitcoin white paper from Bitcoin.org in the UK.

Judge Mellor’s scathing judgment concludes that Wright misused the court system to legitimize his false claims. The court ultimately labeled his actions a serious abuse of the legal process.

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